Ensure smooth processes: with intelligent problem management

High availability

Minimize disruptions through fast problem identification.

All from one source

Integrate Problem Management conveniently and precisely into your Incident, Change, Configuration and Service Catalog Management.

Increased quality

Ensure consistently high service quality with uniform processes.

Intelligent extension

Let our smaRT Assistant add-on support you and intelligently alert you when problems occur.

Realtech Problem Management

Anticipating and reliably dealing with disruptions and errors

Optimal processes to proactively deal with problems before they occur : REALTECH’s intelligent and predictive Problem Management system creates the best conditions for this.

With our comprehensive, easy-to-implement system, we provide you with comprehensive support in solving problems over the long term, identifying their causes and developing effective workarounds if necessary. In this way, you reduce the susceptibility to faults in your company and ensure a sustained high level of service quality.

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Easy identification

The use of standard reports makes it easy for you to identify problems and errors reliably and quickly. In addition, the integration of the smaRT Assistant add-on is possible, with which key figures can be automatically reported to identify the problems.

Holistic integration

Incident Management and Knowledge Base as well as the Configuration Management Database can be easily integrated into Problem Management. This enables you to process problems efficiently and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Intuitive editing

Through the comprehensive integration of Incident Management, Knowledge Management and Configuration Management, all necessary data is directly available to you for troubleshooting. With just a few clicks, you can find the affected configuration items linked to the problem for further processing. You also have access to similar knowledge base articles or incidents that can help you process them.

On-Premises or from the Cloud

Our solutions are available both as on-premises and as cloud applications.


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