Keep track of your assets with Service Asset and Configuration Management

high flexibility

Customize the included data model to fit your business needs.

Direct integration

Integrate our framework precisely into your service processes for maximum quality.

High speed

Benefit from automated data collection and utilize standard interfaces for fast import and export.

Individual Lifecycle Management

Set up lifecycle phases and states according to your individual needs and control transitions via workflow.


Recent and complete information about your assets at all times

Automatically identify, control and verify configuration items, graphically display information on relationships: Discover the advantages of REALTECH’s Service Asset and Configuration Management.

Our solution

Our intelligent system offers you professional management of your configuration elements over the entire life cycle: it provides your users with all the information they need to meet their business requirements and simplifies handling thanks to the clear representation of the relations. Our flexible CMDB-Data-Model can be individually adapted to your requirements. It can be automated and controlled via workflows, and enables you to optimally evaluate information even with external tools. Thus, you create transparency with regard to the IT elements you use and ensure broad acceptance of your services by providing up-to-date and correct information.

Service Asset & Configuration Management is a component of REALTECH Service Management.

REALTECH Service Management


REALTECH Service Management is available with or without SAP integration.

Intelligent CMDB

Our intelligent data model, available as on-premises or cloud application, is pre-configured for you upon delivery and marks the starting point for your own model: Define your own CI categories and CI types, benefit from maximum flexibility with low maintenance and expand the available administration functions as required.

The central CMDB enables you to go live within a few hours and offers you not only information gathering via autodiscovery but also data imports via CMDBf, Excel, XML and a target-perfomance comparison via a staging area.

Convenient reporting

With just a few simple steps, you receive comprehensive standard reports for further use in PDF or Excel format. In addition, numerous interfaces enable you to integrate external reporting tools and provide CI data and relations. The system also supports existing reporting solutions such as MS PowerBI, SAP Business Objects, Microstrategy and Crystal Reports.


Clear relations

In our well thought-out system, the current standard relations are already stored for you. Use the freely definable relations with the relations 1:1, 1:N, N:1 and M:N, which enable you to represent any relation clearly, and have the connections graphically evaluated and visualized. The corresponding control is done conveniently via workflow.

Comprehensive authorization concept

Well thought out: Our comprehensive roles and rights concept assigns roles to your users via relations. It contains ready-made system roles as well as freely definable roles. The straightforward configuration options reduce errors to a minimum.


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