Digitizing hospitality

Take your Services to the Next Level

Best-in-Class Managed Services

Service and solution provider for hospitality can better monitor their services for less on-site interventions

Service Assurance and Service Quality

Automated infrastructure-related services ensure high quality service delivery – without interruptions.

Easy Design of new Services

Service providers or hoteliers can set up their own services based on predefined service categories.

Simple to use and easy to manage

The intuitive user interface requires no technical knowledge and allows easy onboarding for new hotels.

REALTECH Hospitality Service Platform

Automate and enhance Hospitality Services

REALTECH enables providers of hospitality solutions and services to digitize, automate, manage and optimize all infrastructure-related services – even in demanding hospitality environments. In addition, we provide the technical foundation for easy design, implementation, and operation of new guest services based on a 360-degree guest view.

Basic IT Service Management

For improved hotel operation

  • Monitoring and maintenance of all IP-based systems within the network infrastructure of the hospitality industry (Wi-Fi, network, switches, servers, applications and interfaces) including IOT component (preventive maintenance)
  • Automation of infrastructure-related services (ticket generation, maintenance, service process, reduction of on-site interventions).
  • Development and execution of new services (guest loyalty, new revenue channels, operational efficiency, marketing) based on the analysis of guest and operational data.
Digital Services

Added value for hotels and service providers

Service availability

All services available around the clock

Overall transparency

Dashboard with relevant KPIs for all operational aspects (technical and business)

On the safe side

Automated maintenance for all IP-based components

Business Service View

For your individual services

  • REALTECH’s service platform offers all the functions needed to design, set up, and execute new services. Service providers or hoteliers can set up their own services based on predefined service categories.
  • The included service catalog contains a predefined list of hospitality services (guest and infrastructure-related services). Our services offer added value for hotels and guests as well as for service providers who operate the technical infrastructure of hotels (basic services included as a Service Start Package).
  • REALTECH can provide additional new services which require deeper technical integration or new interfaces.

Automated services

The REALTECH platform facilitates and automates the service provider's day-to-day business, increases the quality of its services and reduces costs.

Service Shop for Hotels

The REALTECH platform serves as a marketplace for specific offers made by the service provider. For more choice and transparency.

Business Finder

The REALTECH platform serves as an innovation platform for "inventing" new forms of service and testing new business models.

Wanted: Hospitality Visionaries

Are you looking for new ways to improve your services? Are you interested in a creative exchange of ideas with like-minded people? For the next phase of development of our solution, we are looking for hospitality visionaries like you with whom we can exchange ideas and work together.

Intelligent technologies

Incorporated AI technology for intelligent automation of processes

Reliable and proven

Simple operation of the SaaS application as well as support in German-speaking countries