IT Service Management

Efficient services for your business success

ITSM connects business processes and IT

Adjust IT services to your business requirements

Business processes are crucial when it comes to the success of your company: The increasing dependencies between business processes and IT make the constant availability of a high-performance IT infrastructure essential. Only if these are continuously recorded, analyzed, adjusted, documented and systematically improved can you achieve your business goals.

The IT services used for this purpose should therefore be strictly adapted to the existing and changing business requirements of the specialist departments. This is how you can use IT service management to Reduce failure probability of critical business processes to a minimum.

ITSM-Tool REALTECH Service Management

Agile Service Management

Providing innovative Enterprise Service Management

Service Management is becoming a driving force in digitization: wherever services are in demand, tools and process know-how from IT service management can be easily transferred to other specialist areas. Automated processes and efficient services thus become value drivers for a successful future.

Intelligent Service Management Solutions establish the foundation for continuous optimization and innovation – all the way to comprehensive Enterprise Service Management.

Your ITSM checklist

What an ITSM Tool should be able to do

IT and enterprise services pave the way for your company’s digitalization. An essential requirement for this is a Service Catalog.

This should bundle all services and provide both administrators and users with an overview of all services and costs in equal measure.

This creates the Ideal basis for further expansion and automation of services and for efficient communication between IT and other departments.

The ITSM solution of your choice should help with Incident Management:

  • Support through integrated process automation
  • Provide service level metrics, escalation levels, and email notification capabilities customized to your needs
  • Categorize tickets automatically (auto-categorization)
  • Support the processing and resolution of tickets through the use of AI.

Incident management should also be integrated with the processes in Configuration Management, Problem Management, Change Management and Service Catalog Management.

The management and control of asset and configuration items under legal, security and financial aspects is also becoming increasingly important.

Efficient Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) allows you to control all elements and assets.

In addition, all other service management processes should always be provided with up-to-date and secure information on the status of service assets and IT infrastructure.

REALTECH Service Management

With REALTECH Service Management and its SAP modules, you can achieve automation tailored to your business processes in a short time.