REALTECH Service Management

Reliable IT services, simply implemented

Complete Overview

Maintain an overview of your entire IT infrastructure (including SAP) thanks to comprehensive discovery and monitoring functions.

Minimal effort

Through automation and AI-supported processes, you achieve optimum service quality with low resource input.

Ready to use

Avoid long implementation times. As a Software-as-a-Service, REALTECH Service Management allows for rapid implementation.

SAP Integration

Take advantage of unique integration capabilities with SAP to provide optimal support for your SAP users.

REALTECH Service Management Platform

Efficient Services for Optimized Business Processes

Through the digital transformation of business processes, effective service management becomes a decisive competitive advantage.

In REALTECH Service Management, you will find an intuitive service platform that can be implemented quickly and that serves all your ITSM needs. Through consistent automation and the systematic use of artificial intelligence, we make high-quality service management possible – even with a small team.

SAP customers in particular benefit from REALTECH Service Management. Our optional SAP-specific features enable the best possible support for SAP end users. Thanks to the extensive discovery and monitoring functionalities, you can easily keep an eye on your entire IT and SAP infrastructure at all times.

REALTECH Service Management is the lean ITSM platform with process integration to SAP.

REALTECH Service Management is available with and without SAP integration. Tell us your individual needs!

Discover the processes in detail

With REALTECH Service Management you can offer your customers and users optimal service delivery as well as fast and straightforward support.

At the same time, you provide your support teams with automated workflows and maximum depth of information.

Incident Management
  • REALTECH’s Incident Management is a highly flexible ticket system with integrated CMDB, knowledge base, and self-service portal.
  • AI-supported workflows are used to automatically categorize and process standard requests. In addition, role- and context-sensitive interfaces allow intuitive operation.
  • Through integration with SAP, your end users can create tickets directly from the SAP GUI. Each ticket created in this way is automatically enriched with runtime information. Your service desk employees receive all relevant information straight in REALTECH Service Management. There is no need for time-consuming queries or media breaks.
Change Management
  • REALTECH’s integrated change management allows you to adapt your systems quickly and easily.
  • Integrated impact analysis ensures smooth system operation without disrupting the availability of productive services.
  • REALTECH Service Management also makes it easy for you to coordinate your change processes in SAP. You benefit from the direct connection to REALTECH SmartChange, which allows you to reliably control and document your SAP transport processes.
Service Portfolio & Catalogue Management
  • REALTECH’s innovative Portfolio and Catalogue Management enables you to design your services in an ideal way throughout the entire life cycle.
  • The Service Shop gives your users and customers easy access to all available services.
Service Asset & Configuration Management
  • Our intelligent system offers you professional management of your IT and non-IT components over the entire life cycle. In this way you provide your users with all the information they need to meet business requirements.
  • The graphical relationship overview gives you a clear overview of all configuration items (CIs) as well as their relationships and dependencies to one another at all times.

Discover our SAP Modules

The SAP modules for REALTECH Service Management enable you to unite SAP operations with ITSM processes.

Incident Management for SAP
Incident Management for SAP: Users can create tickets directly from the SAP GUI. Each incident is automatically linked with runtime information that is immediately available to the support staff.
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Change Management for SAP
Change Management for SAP: Control and document SAP change processes directly via REALTECH Service Management. You also benefit from automated workflows and integrated quality checks in SAP Transport Management.
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Configuration Management for SAP
Configuration Management for SAP: Benefit from extensive monitoring and discovery functions that allow you to keep track of your entire IT and SAP infrastructure at the touch of a button.

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Our AI features in detail

Benefit from AI-powered processes and automate your IT service management.

Discover RIA, your new virtual colleague in support. Whether as a chatbot or in process automation, RIA is there for you 24/7.


  • As a chatbot, RIA is your virtual support assistant. It is available 24/7 for you and your employees. RIA interacts with end users, captures incidents and requests, and automatically redirects them to your service desk.
  • RIA speaks the user’s language and interacts in a natural and humorous way. She is more than just a chatbot, she is your digital colleague.
  • MS Teams Integration: End users can communicate with RIA directly through MS Teams; additional ticket creation via the Service Desk is no longer necessary.
Ticket Automation
  • RIA not only communicates with the end user, but also supports the processing of tickets.
  • By using artificial intelligence, tickets are automatically categorized and mapped to the optimal supporter. In this way, incidents and inquiries can be processed purposefully and significantly faster.
  • Based on the integrated knowledge base, RIA answers questions and suggests possible solutions. The AI also recognizes incidents for which a solution already exists and relieves the supporter of frequent routine tasks.
Process Automation
  • RIA also assists you beyond the service desk and can be seamlessly integrated into third-party systems.
  • With the integration into third-party systems, RIA is able to process requests completely on her own – without the involvement of a supporter. For example, requests for leave or sick notes are automatically transferred to the HR software.
  • Establish a central system to optimize your service processes. RIA supports you at all levels of support: from communication with the end user, ticket creation and categorization up to fully automated processing of incidents and requests.
Flexible deployment - from the cloud or on-premises
  • Would you like to benefit from artificial intelligence without a cloud connection? No problem: Our AI features can also be used on-premises.
  • Implement RIA easily and securely within your own network structure or access our intelligent service management features directly via the REALTECH Cloud – without third-party involvement.

Superior Data Quality for your Processes

At the heart of REALTECH’s service management lies the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Thanks to its extensive discovery functionalities, you have an overview of your entire IT infrastructure (including all SAP systems) at all times.

Intuitive usability
accelerated processes
rapid implementation
unique SAP integration