Discover Ria, the key figures analyst: REALTECHS smart assistant

Save working hours

Receive automatic notification of disproportionate changes to your key figures.

Prevent downtime

Receive automatic notifications when malfunctions gain the upper hand.

Save on hardware and software

Benefit from evaluations of distributed equipment in relation to your number of employees.

Integrate your own key figures

Integrate your own key figures from external systems.

REALTECH smaRT Assistant

With the smaRT Assistant Ria you act proactively so that your services are continuously improved.

Ria – REALTECH’s Intelligent Assistant – acts as a virtual assistant and takes on the role of key figure analyst with notification function.

Based on artificial intelligence, REALTECH AG’s innovation was developed specifically for Service Management in order to reliably check key service figures. In the event of unsatisfactory events, Ria will give you appropriate advice.

Our solution

Ensuring a service that is always available requires proactive action. Continuous service improvement requires a high level of analysis and monitoring. Considering the increasingly complex, heterogeneous and dynamic IT landscapes, this represents a real challenge. There is a vast number of key figures available, but which ones are critical?

Ria determines key figures with current priorities and provides proactive information about service key figures that are important to you today, such as quick information about the status of a service. By integrating Ria with smaRT Compass, questions about the status of a service can be answered directly in Ria’s chat window.

With smaRT Assistant you save working hours, concentrate on the essentials and optimize your service costs.


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Save working hours

Put an end to page-long reports or the cumbersome analysis of key figures: Ria automatically informs you and reliably alerts you to irregularly changing key figures.

Prevent downtime and expense

Ria reliably notifies you when disruptions to one service take over or services generate more expense than others. Key figures from other data sources can also be linked to the existing services via an interface.

Save on Hardware and Software

Would you like to know if you have too much hardware in relation to your number of employees? Ria will tell you.

You can integrate your own key figures

Own key figures from external systems can be easily integrated into the system.

Create your AI prototype in just one day

Do you want to experience the advantages of artificial intelligence in service management for yourself? In our hands-on AI workshop, we will explore the potential of artificial intelligence for your service management. Our experts will then work with you on site to develop a working prototype of your AI.

Webinar: Künstliche Intelligenz im IT Service Management

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