Auto-Discovery for SERVICENOW®

Maximize the power of your SERVICENOW® CMDB

Capture SAP data effortlessly and efficiently!

Save time and effort in capturing and managing all important parameters of your SAP landscape with Auto-Discovery for SERVICENOW®.

Our Auto-Discovery makes it possible to gather the most important SAP data and parameters with just a few clicks. This data is automatically stored in your SERVICENOW® CMDB. As a result, hard-to-access SAP information is now available directly via the CMDB for all ITSM processes.

Auto-discovery eliminates the need for tedious searches, for example as part of an upcoming rollout or audit. You save time and can focus on the really important tasks.

  • Automation instead of tedious research
    Fully automatic provision of all important information at the push of a button
  • Comprehensive discovery for SAP
    Identification of SAP systems, instances, products and components
  • System information always up to date
    Continuous synchronization of the SAP landscape for up-to-date information on an ongoing basis
  • Automatically structured and well maintained data
    Automatically generated structure and attributes of SAP information in your CMDB
  • 100% on-Premises
    All data and information remains completely on your local systems

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