Baselining serves as the basis for assessing and monitoring the IT infrastructure. Baselining in the CMDB allows organizations to ensure that their IT components are working in a specific configuration and that changes are documented.

What does Baselining mean?

Baselining in the CMDB refers to the process of defining a particular configuration of the IT infrastructure as a reference or “baseline”. Once established, the baseline serves as a benchmark to identify changes and deviations from the standard configuration. This way, you can use the CMDB (Configuration Management Database) to get an accurate picture of the IT infrastructure as well as track and document changes over time.

Baselining with the REALTECH CMDB

Create a Baseline

SmartCMDB allows you to set CI attributes, relationship attributes, and relationship types as criteria for baseline comparison. You have the possibility to set the frequency of comparisons – once, daily, weekly or monthly. You can also define people who will receive an email notification after the scheduled execution.

Detect Deviations quickly

After a completed comparison, the results are displayed clearly. The summary shows you in a simple way which values match and which do not. With detailed information on the deviating criteria, you can quickly identify the cause.

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