Pricing Model

The SmartCMDB at a flexible SaaS rate

1.000 CIs
+ 250 EURper month
  • Additional CIs required?
  • You have the option to increase the volume at any time.
  • Store any hardware or software assets in your Smart CMDB to optimally support your IT and business services.

CMDB Implementation in 24 Hours
We will not sell you a project, but a ready-to-use solution


How about additional ITSM features?
Combine your SmartCMDB with our SmartITSM platform.

In the cloud or rather locally?
It’s up to you!


Data center in the EU,
GDPR-compliant data management,
no additional operating expenses,
easy access for the users


You do not want them in the cloud, but
keep all your data locally?
Use SmartCMDB as an on-premises solution.
Prices on request