Full service for your CMDB

With REALTECH, you not only get one of the most innovative CMDB solutions on the market, but also first-class all-round support. On request, we will handle the operation and maintenance of your CMDB. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and benefit from maximum efficiency with minimum use of resources.

Advantages of a CMDB

All the benefits, no effort

With our full-service offering for the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), we free you from time-consuming administrative tasks and minimize the risk of errors and failures. Our experts manage the complete operation of your CMDB and ensure that you always have an up-to-date and precise overview of your infrastructure and resources.

We support you in the automation of your business and IT processes and assist you in the optimal use of your CMDB.

The Managed Services Package for CMDB

  • Service Delivery Management
  • Incident Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Application Operation
  • Import Monitoring
  • Data Quality Monitoring
  • Auto-Discovery Monitoring
  • Patch und Release Management

Full-Service Bundle

2.820 EUR

2.260 EUR*

per month; plus SaaS fee

*Promotional price in the first year

Services made to measure: Our services at a glance

Base services

Service Delivery Management

  • Provision of a Service Delivery Manager who manages internal resources and acts as a single point of contact (SPOC)
  • Skilled employees deliver your booked service packages during agreed service times*
  • Escalation management
  • Contract management
  • Change management

*Service hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 – 17:30 CET (except public holidays and December 24 and 31) | Average response times within service hours: Critical: within 0.5h; High: within 1h; Normal: within 8h; Low: within 5 working days.

Incident- and Service Request Management

  • Service desk system as central point of contact for incident and service request management
  • Forwarding of standard service requests to application operations for implementation
  • Any escalation of incidents to 2nd level support or 3rd level support/development
  • Forwarding of non-standard service requests for evaluation

Application Operations

Application Monitoring:

  • Checking the login availability to the customer client
  • Verification and reporting of the number of new/removed CIs.


  • Auto-discovery analysis if devices are unreachable
  • Documentation of all relevant information about changes in the system configuration in the monthly report
  • Provision of information from the administrator’s perspective for further troubleshooting, isolation and resolution with REALTECH 2nd and 3rd level support engineers.
  • Revision (updates) of the “Operations Manual” in terms of processes, contacts, systems, etc.

User management:

  • Create/remove application users

Monthly Reporting:

  • Availability of the application in the reporting period
  • Statistics on the number of new/removed CIs per type
  • Special activities in the company, exceptions
  • Potential root cause analysis of critical problems
  • Relevant configuration changes
  • Coordinated (commercial) change requests for the current scope of services

Import Monitoring

CMDB data import monitoring per site (incl. 4 interfaces to 3rd party sources):

  • Verification of XML creation date
  • Checking of Import Server status
  • Import Server service status check
  • Check Import Server scheduling task
  • Check import(s) within the application
  • Check XML file for possible errors, if applicable
  • Check scheduling task for Import Connectors
  • Check Import Connector log file for possible errors
  • Provide troubleshooting support in case of import errors.

Data Quality Monitoring

CMDB data quality monitoring per site:

  • Check staging area for conflicts
  • Check for CI duplicates
  • Check for CI plausibility, type or translation errors
  • Checking the Import Connector log file for suspicious statistics
  • The respective stakeholders are informed to ensure CI data quality and to resolve potential problems in the data source systems.

Auto-Discovery Monitoring

CMDB auto-discovery monitoring per site:

  • Application status check for all relevant modules
  • Review of the schedule runtimes for auto-discovery
  • Assist with a potential problem resolution (workaround or fix) within the REALTECH application in collaboration with the REALTECH support team.
  • Perform root cause analysis, if required.

Auto-Discovery Patch and Release Management

CMDB Auto-Discovery patch and release management per site:

  • Installation of new updates/service packs for the Auto-Discovery Server according to the reconciled change process
  • Installation of new updates for the Import Server according to the agreed change process

Anything else?

Individual additional services can be booked flexibly.