Direct your services towards the future: with smaRT Compass from REALTECH

A holistic view of technology

All technical correlations are recognized automatically

All key figures at a glance

All key figures are monitored at runtime and the service status is determined.

All on one platform

One overview of all technical and business services

Predictive Service

Recommended actions for all services, based on predictive analytics

REALTECH smaRT Compass

Gain significantly more insight into your service processes

REALTECH smaRT Compass is an intelligent tool for IT Service Management. It enables you to make the right decisions and pursue a successful course. Both IT and business services can be centrally designed, operated and monitored. The use of REALTECH smaRT Compass in the operation of services results in direct recommendations for design and optimization.

A holistic view of technology

All technical correlations are automatically recognized. The autodiscovery technology automatically detects:

  • All components
  • All relations between components
  • The “health status” of all components

This makes dependencies of technical components that support a process or service and their status “visible”. All data is stored and maintained in the CMDB in a standardized way independent of the manufacturer of the components.

Using correlation rules, the smaRT Compass defines technical services and automatically monitors their key figures. The status of the technical service is calculated from the status of the key figures.

Overview of technical and business services

The platform approach allows the consolidation of technical and business services on a common platform.

With REALTECH Service Portfolio & Catalog Management, services can be easily designed on the basis of a CMDB. You can integrate technical services generated with Smart Link technology directly into existing services and thus influence their status according to the definition.

Key figures from other data sources can also be linked to the existing services via interface.

All key figures at a glance at all times – control and security

Service Status Control allows the states of individual services to be viewed at any time and from any location in the Service Dashboard.

So-called service widgets can be configured as required and display the SLA status and key figures from various areas.

If necessary, you can use “root cause analysis” to easily determine the cause of a status change in the service. The service widgets can simultaneously serve as a technical view for administrators and service providers as well as a business view for the user or management.

Individualized dashboards bundle your services.

Service Management of the Future – Be a Pioneer of Digital Transformation

Our intelligent service management is based on modern predictive analysis and AI systems.

Based on the given date, the state of key figures can be projected into the future, allowing reliable statements to be made about the efficiency of individual services.

AI methods can be used to optimize or initially propose key figures. On the basis of user behavior, assumptions can be made about acceptance and efficiency of your services, which can be used for service optimization. smaRT Compass always points in the direction of an optimal service operation and thus helps you to take the desired actions.


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more safety

Monitor key figures of relevant services “live” and ensure flawless operation of business processes.

lower costs

Combine all services in one highly efficient platform and automate manual tasks easily.

high acceptance

Make users more productive with modern interfaces, clear key figures and transparent service connections.


Be a pioneer with and in your company and gain market advantages through the use of artificial intelligence.

Create your AI prototype in just one day

Do you want to experience the advantages of artificial intelligence in service management for yourself? In our hands-on AI workshop, we will explore the potential of artificial intelligence for your service management. Our experts will then work with you on site to develop a working prototype of your AI.