Direct requests vs. Service Desk

Why do employees avoid ticket systems?

That no one likes tickets is no secret. At REALTECH, as a provider of service desk solutions, we also often realize that we prefer to call rather than use a ticket system. After all, we know our colleagues from IT support and they can certainly help us quickly with small problems. Well, at least I say so as an end user …

In this article, you’ll learn why your employees avoid the traditional service desk and how you can simplify ticketing in your organization. Whether tickets or services – your employees can make all requests directly in Microsoft Teams and no longer have to log in to the service desk.

When I create a ticket

In the event of a malfunction or a service request, I hope for a quick and uncomplicated solution. But at this point I have to call the right system, find my access data and describe the request in detail. After all, this is an elaborate process in which a lot can go wrong. I rarely work with the system and am simply not familiar with it.

Moreover, this form of communication is impersonal. I describe my request in a system and receive an automatically generated e-mail as confirmation of receipt. At the same time, I have the feeling that I could explain my problem much better in person.

When I call the IT directly

Creating tickets is too complicated for me and just not fun. That’s why I usually save myself the trouble of going all the way to the service desk and just call. This is much easier.

Such scenarios happen not infrequently. According to a customer survey, around 70% of employees bypass the traditional service desk. Instead, we choose trusted methods like phone calls, chat messages or emails and contact IT directly.

A simple alternative for end users

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams, chat was integrated into everyday work. The reason was home office, among other things. Employees suddenly couldn’t quickly communicate something to their colleagues in the hallway. Emails were not the best option for this either. Employees have recognized chat in teams as a new form of communication. Quick, direct and more personal. And the best thing about it: You can also write to IT. So why not integrate chat into the service desk?

REALTECH has integrated the service desk into teams – without the detour via the actual ticket system. With the new integration, I create tickets directly in MS Teams chat and don’t have to call a third-party ticket system. I always have teams open and can report my faults at any time with just one message. The integration can also be used easily via mobile devices, giving me easy access in the event of a PC failure or on the go.


Do you also have the impression that your colleagues avoid the service desk? The reasons vary from user to user. In general, however, the following causes can be identified:

  • We don’t know the ticket system well enough.
  • From our point of view, direct contact is much more convenient and quicker.
  • In case of problems, we would like to have a personal exchange.

Do you recognize these behaviors in your company as well? Learn more about the easy ticketing in Microsoft Teams and let your employees say “Bye Bye Service Desk”.


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