Success Story STORCK

Central monitoring of heterogeneous IT landscapes

Central management of a global IT landscape

Availability of the company-wide IT landscape

Fast integration as the key to success

Faster workflows in IT service and support

Kundenprojekt bei STORCK

The Challenge

In 2002, STORCK’s IT organization launched a project to introduce a centralized system management and IT support solution. During the evaluation, very great importance was attached to covering all company-specific requirements and to future-proofness of the solution to be introduced. All threads were to come together in the central IT department in Halle. Thus, the German sites in Halle, Berlin and Ohrdruf, which are connected via leased lines, and 16 additional foreign subsidiaries, also connected via leased lines, had to be integrated into the monitoring concept.

REALTECH – That’s why

Following a proof-of-concept workshop, AUGUST STORCK KG opted for the REALTECH solution at the beginning of 2003.
The following characteristics were decisive for the selection:
  • Integrative solution consisting of professional individual products with central alarming and simple operation
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Platform coverage (operating systems, heterogeneous networks)
  • Coverage of the functional requirements
  • Expandable concept
  • Very good value for money
  • Fast coverage of further help desk requirements
  • Powerful support
The system management was to be designed to monitor the following servers, systems and applications:
  • Operating systems: Sun Solaris, Windows
  • Databases: Oracle and SQL Server, networks (Ethernet, Token Ring and VLAN topologies)
  • Switches: 3COM, Extreme Networks
  • Router: Cisco
  • Print server: HP, Axis
  • Applications: SAP and other application processes

Customer’s Benefits

The applications, systems, and networks of the well-known branded goods company AUGUST STORCK KG, which are critical for business operations, have become even more secure thanks to the rapid introduction of the REALTECH solution. Thanks to the increased availability and even faster workflows in IT service and support, STORCK and REALTECH guarantee that children all over the world can enjoy the famous sweets at any time.


AUGUST STORCK KG, founded in 1903 in Halle, Westphalia, has developed into a major international branded goods company over the past 100 years of the company’s history. Who does not know these products of AUGUST STORCK KG, which are sold in more than 90 countries today: Werther’s Original, Dickmann’s, nimm2, Toffifee, Knoppers, Campino, Merci.

The introduction of theGuard! System Management Suite has paid off for us in many ways. Not only for our end users, for whom we have been able to noticeably increase the availability of the systems as well as our service and support quality, despite the now centralized monitoring of our global IT infrastructure.

Alois Ahlrichs, IT-Manager at August Storck KG