The entire lifecycle at a glance: With REALTECH smaRT Lifecycle

Simple processing

Edit inventories and report losses conveniently and efficiently.

Automated End-of-Life

Easily recognize the unplanned end-of-life of your CI.

Clear recognition

Identify your devices safely and quickly.

Monitoring of energy consumption

Keep track of the energy consumption of your infrastructure.

smaRT Lifecycle

Follow your CIs and devices efficiently and reliably throughout their entire life cycle

Whether you want to clearly identify your CIs or determine their energy consumption, whether you want to monitor the inventories of your equipment, report losses or record the end of life of your CIs: With REALTECH’s smaRT Lifecycle you can keep an eye on your CIs and devices in all phases.

With the intelligent smaRT Lifecycle you profit from a multitude of smart functions with which you can comprehensively support your CIs, get the optimal performance out of your devices and receive all data and facts from one source. You never lose sight of the status of your CIs and always stay on top of possible changes.


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Optimized inventory

Cyclically or manually controlled, you receive a request to take an inventory of all CIs for which you are responsible. You edit a well thought-out form with the checkboxes “available”/”not available” and have the possibility to store additional information through the comment field. It is also possible to display detailed information on the CI in question with a single click.

Monitor energy consumption

The average energy consumption of all electrical applications can easily be recorded and evaluated according to various criteria such as location or cost centre. This allows you to keep track of the energy consumption of your infrastructure at all times and ensure transparency in dealing with your energy consumers.

Simple device labeling via QR or bar code

Throughout the entire life cycle, you can identify your devices reliably and unambiguously as you cann label them according to various requirements. The “marriage” of label and scanned CI is easily achieved.

Simple reporting of device losses

Easily report lost devices: In the personal inventory list, you can create a “lost” ticket and send it to the Configuration Manager for clarification. After commercial depreciation, you can simply set the life cycle status to “disposed of” or “archived”.

Automation of End-of-Life

In two stages, the Auto-Discovery procedure helps you to identify the unplanned End-of-Life of your CI. Based on the date of the last acquisition or recognition of the CI, you will receive a list of devices that could potentially receive the status “EoL”. In the following step, you have the option of automatically setting the affected devices to “End of Life”.