Smart innovations for efficient Service Management

smaRT Service Management

Overview of our solutions

Discover the smart way to significantly improve your service quality while reducing both effort and costs: REALTECH’s smaRT Service Management solutions provide the best prerequisites for highly efficient service operations and automated, well structured processes.

These efficient, sophisticated tools were developed on the basis of best practices and enable you to manage your entire service management fully, centralized and automated. Whether you want to operate your service processes centrally with smaRT Compass, proactively monitor your key figures with smaRT Assistant or automate your communication with smaRT Support: Numerous smart functions support you in making the right decisions and acting proactively in order to continuously improve your service operations and steer them in a successful direction.

smaRT Compass

smaRT Compass ensures the efficiency of all your services through a key figure analysis. Predictive analytics enable individual recommendations for each service.

smaRT Assistant

smaRT Assistant Ria permanently monitors your service key figures and warns you if unforeseen events occur.

smaRT Support

With smaRT Support Ria, everyday disruptions or orders are automated using artificial intelligence and bot technologies.

Your Benefits

With just a few simple steps, you can save valuable time, sustainably reduce your service costs and reduce downtimes to a minimum: Our easily implemented solutions automatically keep an eye on your key figures at any time. They provide you with all the important information about your services and contribute to the successful design and optimisation of your services through recommended actions and automated processes.


Our customers already use the advantages of smaRT Service Management. Try it yourself and arrange a free demo appointment with us today!

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