SAP Change and Transport
Management made easy

REALTECH SmartChange Transport Management


Simplify your SAP Release Management with a central user interface for monitoring and approval of SAP transports.

Integrated quality assurance

Reduce coordination and audit efforts during releases by adhering to defined workflows and approval processes.

Automatic documentation

All processes in SAP Change and Transport Management are automatically documented in a revision-proof manner.

Seamless ITSM Integration

Our Integration Framework integrates SmartChange directly into your ITSM system – for streamlined SAP change processes.

SmartChange Transport Management for SAP

Easy Automation of SAP Transport Processes

Due to their high relevance for the economic success of many companies, SAP systems not only have to be available around the clock, but also have to be maintained continuously. In this regard, companies often face the challenge of having to adapt increasingly complex SAP systems to new or changed requirements – in no time and with limited resources.

It is important to transfer the relevant SAP transports from the corresponding development systems to the target systems easily, quickly and as risk-free as possible. REALTECH SmartChange Transport Management helps you to meet this demand.

Avoid overtakers and reduce testing efforts

By automatically preventing potentially dangerous shipments, such as shipments that include version overtakers, you can avoid rework and system downtime. By ensuring that defined workflows and processes are adhered to, you reduce coordination and testing efforts. At the same time, compliance requirements are taken into account. In addition, a high degree of automation eliminates time-consuming manual tasks in SAP Change and Release Management.

REALTECH SmartChange Transport Management (formerly known as: theGuard! Transport Manager) can be implemented within a few days. It is easy to configure and easy to scale.

Automated workflows and processes

On the basis of set target routes and taking into account defined release and approval workflows, transports are distributed automated and synchronized  – even in complex and dynamic SAP landscapes.

Central management of transports

With SmartChange Transport Management users benefit from a central user interface for monitoring release processes and approving transports.

Integrated quality assurance

REALTECH SmartChange Transport Management uses extensive automated controls to avoid typical risks for productive SAP systems. This prevents errors and downtimes due to release processes.

ITSM Integration

The SmartChange Integration Framework allows you to easily connect non-SAP applications such as ServiceNow, Jira or Siemens Polarion. In this way, you enable end-to-end change processes across system boundaries.

SAP S/4HANA certified

The SmartChange modules are certified for use with SAP S/4HANA and enable you to reliably automate SAP change and transport processes before and after migration.

Comprehensive reporting & documentation

A reporting environment with extensive configuration and drill-down options provides reports down to the object level. At the same time, changes are automatically documented in a revision-proof manner and can be retraced at any time.

Experience it yourself!

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With the Transport Management module from REALTECH SmartChange, companies can significantly improve efficiency, security and quality as well as transparency and traceability in SAP Change and Release Management. The automation of workflows and processes, integrated controls, and comprehensive monitoring and reporting functionalities minimize time, risks, and costs.

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By automating the Transport Management for SAP, our customers were able to:

  • Reduce manual effort by up to 75%,
  • increase the quality of tests by up to 60% and
  • Reduce operational risks by up to 50%.

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