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Business Service Manager

Monitoring of Your Entire IT Landscape

Less downtime

Significant decline in IT failures with general reduction of downtime

Lower costs

Reduced overall costs for your IT

Increased productivity

Increased productivity in the collaboration between business units and IT

IT services always under control

Thanks to a highly automated, intelligent system

Monitoring of your IT-based business processes

The integration of a comprehensive Business Service Management combined with a central network, system and application management creates the basis for the monitoring of IT-based business processes. This approach gains increasing importance as IT becomes more virtualized and relies on hybrid cloud solutions. Prepare yourself for future technologies such as Industry 4.0, which explicitly requires the consolidation of data from various areas and builds on the integrative linkage between IT, production, logistics and customers.

Monitoring and analysis

REALTECH provides you with a wide range of functionalities to analyze your IT services professionally across all areas. Whether your systems are virtualized or you maintain a hybrid cloud structure, you will receive uniform monitoring of all central hardware and software components and can integrate them flexibly into your process structure. Thanks to individually definable Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the efficiency of your Business Service Management can be automatically recorded, measured and displayed. You can choose from a wide range of modules in the areas of reporting, visualization, monitoring and correlation.

theGuard Business Service Manager Relations

Short implementation times

Thanks to a high level automation, REALTECH solutions are easy to implement and operate. Agents on the target systems are not required.

High user satisfaction

The solution’s design enables it to be used in any IT infrastructure and in distributed system landscapes.

More transparency

Through vendor-independent monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure, including networks, applications, databases, virtualizations, etc., we can ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up to date. With the Business Connectors you can comprehensively monitor your system data and performance aspects – even without SNMP or WMI interfaces.

Fast problem diagnostics

Clearly structured information and visualisation of the technical relations make it possible to quickly diagnose problems at any time. We offer business connectors for SAP systems, databases and virtual systems, amongst others.

Individual specifications

To date, more than 350 Product-Specific Modules (PSM) are available for various products and manufacturers. These modules are constantly kept up to date, supplemented and extended for specific projects. New components can be integrated without any problems, as REALTECH can provide the corresponding PSM immediately if required.

Increased efficiency

A variety of analytics functions and dashboards make it possible to visualize system states and thus simplify daily operation.

New Service Pack

For our theGuard! BSM customers now available: Service Pack 8 (SP8) for theGuard! Service Management Center 7.2

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