Easily develop and operate interfaces in SAP

Optimize your business processes with powerful SAP and non-SAP interfaces. With the low-code tool Interface Manager you create complex interfaces in no time.


Interface Manager for SAP: Features

Design SAP Interfaces

With Interface Manager you create complex SAP interfaces via a central transaction and by drag & drop. The corresponding code generates automatically.

Operate SAP Interfaces

The business department gets a simple tool for controlling the data flow between SAP and non-SAP applications, incl. various alerting options.

Optimize SAP Interfaces

Errors that occur during the execution of your SAP interfaces can be handled independently and dialog-based by the responsible business department.

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Interfaces Simplify SAP Processes

Interfaces are a cornerstone of automated business processes. As landscapes become more complex, the number of systems and the associated data increases.

Continuous data exchange is essential for cross-system processes. At this point, reliable interfaces are needed to link the components and ensure data transmission.

Simple Tool vs. Complex Solution

From simple design to effective operation and reliable monitoring, a well-designed SAP interface management covers the complete lifecycle. Although SAP PI/PO offers a comprehensive approach to process integration, the complex SAP solution is usually not very practical, especially for small SAP teams.

REALTECH’s Interface Manager combines simple design, efficient operation, and reliable monitoring and error handling of SAP and non-SAP interfaces.

Interface Manager
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Good reasons for the Interface Manager from REALTECH

Interface Manager efficiently connects our branches and facilitates exchanging business-critical data quickly and precisely. […] We have already achieved ROI after 16 months.

Ingo Schuchardt, SAP Basis Manager, Interdiscount

Quick Implementation

Easy Development

High Standardization

Cheap in Operation

How to develop and operate interfaces in SAP more efficiently

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how interface management in SAP enhances your business processes.