SAP Automation

SAP automation is a helpful tool for companies to optimize their business processes. In this article you will learn why automation is important in the SAP environment and how our tools can support you. Benefit from automated processes by saving time, reducing human error, and ensuring greater accuracy.

Why is SAP Automation important?

Automation solutions can be used to automate repetitive and standardized tasks. Automatisms work faster than human specialists, make fewer errors and are more cost-effective.

SAP is one of the world’s leading business software systems. It supports companies in optimizing their business processes and increasing efficiency. One way to improve this even further is to automate the processes within SAP.

Automation in SAP systems improves efficiency in several ways:

Time saving: By automating manual processes, tasks are completed faster. Employees can focus on important tasks while the automatisms handle routine tasks.

Error reduction: Automated processes are less prone to errors because they do not require manual handling, thus minimizing human error. The result is accurate and consistent results.

Cost saving: Manual processes are cost-intensive, especially when handled by highly skilled employees. Automated processes, however, require less time and resources and thus save costs.

Process improvement: Automation solutions are able to monitor processes and react to any deviation. An automated SAP environment also offers greater efficiency and reliability compared to manual processes.

There are a variety of third-party tools for automating SAP processes. These tools are focused on various business processes and can perform different tasks. Companies should therefore pay attention to which specific processes they want to automate when making their choice.

The role of Interfaces in SAP Automation

Interfaces make it possible to seamlessly connect different systems and applications and exchange data. Using interfaces, data can be exchanged automatically between SAP systems and other applications, resulting in higher productivity and efficiency. In addition, interfaces can also help minimize data transmission errors and ensure better data integrity.

Develop interfaces easily – with Interface Manager

Create a basis for your SAP automation. Cross-system processes require reliable interfaces to ensure seamless data transfer. With the low-code tool Interface Manager you create complex interfaces in no time.

Interface Manager für SAP

Automation of SAP Change and Transport Management

Change and transport management benefits from automation in a particular way. Automated transports are faster and more reliable because they do not require human intervention. By using automation tools, companies can ensure that their transports are performed accurately and efficiently, which in turn can help optimize the uptime of SAP systems.

The automatisms make it possible to reliably manage and monitor changes to your SAP systems. Changes can be safely and efficiently transported from a development environment to a production environment without causing downtime or disruption to ongoing operations.

Automate SAP transports easily – with SmartChange

SmartChange is the lightweight solution for the effective automation of SAP software deployment. REALTECH SmartChange enables your SAP Basis teams to transport changes to the appropriate target systems without affecting the availability of SAP applications.

By automating our transport management processes, the responsible employees save valuable time that can be used for new projects and innovations.

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