SAP Automation

Get to know the efficient automation solutions of the SmartChange Suite

SAP Automation

Automate your SAP Change and Transport Management to the fullest

REALTECH offers you integrated, consistent and flexible SAP automation tools. We support you in optimizing your technical SAP Change and Transport process with minimal implementation and administration effort, even in hybrid landscapes. Especially with DevOps initiatives you benefit from our automation solutions for SAP.

SmartChange is based on SAP CTS and gives you more flexibility, compliance in economic audits, automation of manual tasks, cost reduction and system stability. SmartChange 2019 is certified for integration with SAP S/4HANA.

Up to 75% less effort
  • Automated task
  • Avoidance of overtaking manoeuvres and collisions
  • Drastically reduced risk of system failures
Up to 50% reduced costs
  • Can be used in hybrid landscapes
  • Maximum automation through a large number of predefined tests
  • Reduced manual effort
Up to 50% fewer questions from the auditor
  • Complete change documentation
  • Fast creation of audit documents
  • Consideration of conformity requirements

Built-in quality assurance

With its comprehensive automated check-ups, REALTECH SmartChange is able to avoid common risks for productive SAP systems. It uses collision checks to display overlapping objects in different transport orders that represent the risk of overtaking. Transports can also be checked for predefined critical objects or dependencies.

Transports can be checked for completeness before they are imported into the target system. This ensures that all objects required for the change exist in the transport request or in the target system. Errors and downtimes in production systems caused by missing objects or incorrect object versions can thus be successfully avoided.


Through automation, our customers were able to:

  • Reduce manual effort by up to 75%,
  • increase the quality of tests by up to 60% and
  • Reduce operational risks by up to 50%.

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REALTECH SmartChange

Transport Management

SAP automation with REALTECH SmartChange’s Transport Management enables companies to transfer changes to the relevant target systems without impairing the availability of SAP applications.

REALTECH SmartChange

Synchronization Management

REALTECH SmartChange’s Synchronization Management module enables maximum automation to minimize manual efforts when synchronizing development systems. Valuable resources are freed.

Subscription Models:

  • low prices for subscriptions
  • transparent, flexible and scalable
  • short commitment times