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Configuration Management Database

For companies, it is essential to bring together all business-relevant information from distributed data sources in one central location. In the best case, this location is a CMDB.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management is the provision of IT as a service. This includes all processes and activities related to the planning, compilation, delivery and support of IT services.

Service Desk

An IT service desk is the point of contact for employees to forward requests to the IT department and to make use of corporate services.

Ticket System

A Ticket System helps you efficiently handle requests from customers and employees. As a central component of service management, however, a ticket system can do much more.


SAP and Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) is a solution for the administration of SAP applications. Although there are many functions and areas of application for SolMan, it is a complex tool at the same time. However, there are simple alternative tools that replace particular features of the Solution Manager.