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Big achievements with small teams

For many companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain qualified specialists for the internal IT department. At the same time, requirements for digital processes are constantly becoming more complex, whether due to disruptive technologies or new legal requirements. Already strained IT teams are therefore confronted with ever more complex challenges.

REALTECH develops intelligent software solutions that help you establish effective digital processes and manage them efficiently. This enables you to operate reliable IT infrastructures that actively contribute to your business success, even with a small staff.

Automate your IT processes with smart software from REALTECH.

Your business success starts in IT

Supporting employees optimally

Properly functioning information technology and stable digital processes are essential for the productivity and satisfaction of your employees. Internal IT plays a central role in this. It ensures smooth processes and rapid assistance in the event of an incident.

Discover how IT Service Management helps ensure the availability and performance of your IT infrastructure so your employees can deliver peak performance. more

Making data streams usable

Without clear structures, important data and information are difficult to access and often remain unused. This means you are wasting valuable potential for optimizing your business processes.

A CMDB organizes your data and creates a reliable single point of truth for your organization. more

Simplify SAP operations

SAP operations are often isolated from other IT processes. Bridging the gap between SAP and IT is a recurring challenge.

REALTECH offers smart tools for easy integration of SAP operations into your ITSM processes. This increases process quality and conserves resources. more

Reach your goal faster with intelligent software


Maximum efficiency in IT Service Management


Reliable database for smooth processes


Simple automation of SAP Change Management

REALTECH stands for smart and flexible software that simplifies processes and relieves IT teams. So you can achieve a lot even with a small staff.

Daniele Di Croce, CEO REALTECH AG

With REALTECH’s CMDB, we are taking our IT Service Management to a new level. At the same time, we have created an essential prerequisite for rapid and efficient digitization.

Thomas Fesenmeier, Edeka Südwest

We were already using REALTECH’s Transport Management before the migration to S/4HANA. Because with the size of our system landscapes and hourly drops, automated processes form a clear advantage. It was therefore clear to us that we also wanted to work with the Transport Manager under SAP S/4HANA.

Polina Klibanova, C&A Services

Kundenprojekt bei C&A

After the Support Packages went live, we have never had so few disruptions. With incidents reduced by more than half and 90% less manual effort, using SmartChange has already paid off within the first year.

Hans Wolferseder, Stadtwerke München

Kundenprojekt bei Stadtwerke München

Your automation, our drive

Efficient and reliable digitization forms the basis of business success. Intelligent software from REALTECH enables you to simplify and automate your IT processes in a targeted manner. So you can achieve great things even with a small team.

With smart IT Service Management, you can accelerate your business processes, enable employees to work in a modern and successful way, and easily master complex compliance requirements.

Because your business success starts in IT.

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