Automated Retrofitting of SAP Systems

REALTECH SmartChange Synchronization Manager


Automated analysis and categorization of objects


Automatic creation of transport orders


Support for manual alignment of critical objects


Reduction of manual efforts during SAP Retrofit

SmartChange Synchronization Management for SAP

Automated retrofit for your SAP development systems

In order to minimize the risks for productive SAP systems during change processes, companies are increasingly relying on 5-system landscapes. As traditional 3-system landscapes (DEV, QAS, PRD) are extended by an additional release landscape with a development system (DEV’) and a quality assurance system (QAS’).

SmartChange Synchronization Management (formerly known as: theGuard! SyncAssist) enables you to automate SAP retrofit. With REALTECH you synchronize SAP development systems simply, reliably, and automatically, while relieving valuable resources.

The software can be implemented within a few days, is easy to configure and easily scalable.

Automated analysis and categorization of objects

The solution is seamlessly integrated into SAP and analyzes all workbench and customizing objects that leave the development system. These are automatically categorized into critical and non-critical objects – depending on whether they can be transported from the maintenance landscape into the release landscape or whether a manual adjustment must be carried out in the release landscape.

Automatic provision of transport requests for non-critical objects

The results of the object analysis are visualized in a clear overview. You can use this list to group those objects for which an automatic adjustment by transport is possible within a synchronization request.

Support for manual adjustment of critical objects

For Workbench objects that have to be adjusted manually, the appropriate, object-specific delta views are provided for quick comparison and adjustment. In the customizing analysis, differences between customizing objects, views and tables are visualized in the detail page.

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