Automated Retrofitting
of your SAP Systems

Easy retrofitting of SAP development systems

In order to minimize the risks to productive SAP systems during a change, companies are increasingly relying on 5-system landscapes. Classic 3-system landscapes (DEV, QAS, PRD) are extended by an additional release landscape with a development system (DEV’) and a quality assurance system (QAS’).

The SmartChange Synchronization Management module enables the automation of SAP retrofits. It allows for easy, reliable and automated synchronization of SAP development systems, freeing up valuable resources in the process.

Automated categorization of objects

During the retrofit, the transport job is inspected in the maintenance system (DEV). To do this, SmartChange Synchronization Management analyzes all Workbench and Customizing objects that leave the development system (DEV). These are automatically categorized into critical and non-critical objects depending on the modification status.

Workbench and Customizing Objects
Workbench objects:
  • Automatic extension of synchronization for complex objects (e.g. maintenance views)
  • Easy navigation from the object list to synchronization and rollout transports
Customizing objects:
  • Object analysis down to key level
  • Analyzed objects are displayed in IMG context
  • Easy navigation of objects in related IMG activities

Automatic import and manual control

After categorization, SmartChange Synchronization Management automatically provides transport requests for non-critical objects. Non-critical objects can thus be synchronized immediately. Critical objects, on the other hand, require manual verification. This ensures that no project-based changes are overwritten by the retrofit.

Automatic cross-system synchronization

Advanced object analysis

Proactive conflict detection

Maximum flexibility and scalability