Migrate ChaRM Change Documents

How to keep your change documents even after the end of SolMan

As the maintenance period for SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) draws to near its end, organizations need to look for alternatives. Without further updates or patches, there is a risk of security gaps and compliance problems.

SAP teams that rely on ChaRM in particular face major challenges. Not only do they need to find an alternative solution, they also must plan the migration in order to retain important ChaRM change documents.

Automated Migration of ChaRM Change Documents

An alternative to SAP SolMan is SmartChange, which is not only a promising successor to ChaRM, but also a tool-based, automated migration solution. This way you don’t have to worry about your important change documents. A tool-based approach simplifies the migration process considerably and offers enormous advantages over conventional manual migration.

Cost savings and efficiency

One major advantage of a tool-based migration is the considerable cost savings. The tool drastically reduces the need for manual intervention, which lowers labor costs. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, the migration process is faster, enabling a quicker changeover with less downtime.

Less susceptibility to errors

Manual data migration is often prone to errors and can significantly disrupt business operations. Automation minimizes these risks by ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the process. The result is higher quality with fewer errors and a reduced need for subsequent corrections.

Practically proven process

The migration process has been extensively tested and validated in many real-life scenarios, confirming its reliability and effectiveness. This practical validation guarantees that the tool can successfully cope with the complexity of real environments.

The migration process in detail

The automated approach offers you a wide range of options to make the ChaRM Change Documents migration process efficient and hassle-free. Find out more about the various options available to you for carrying out your migration.

Cutover or parallel operation with delta migration

The tool-supported migration process can be carried out either in cutover or parallel operation, depending on the company’s specific requirements. In the cutover scenario, the entire system is migrated at once, while parallel operation enables a step-by-step migration with delta migration options. With delta migration, changes made during the transition period are accurately captured and also transferred to maintain data integrity.

Transfer of standard and customer-specific information

The solution is designed to transfer both standard and customer-specific information from the change documents. This also includes relevant change data for legal requirements. The ability to transfer this information ensures you can discontinue using an outdated Solution Manager for the rest of your change documents’ retention period, eliminating the costs associated with extended maintenance.

Migration to REALTECH SmartChange or another storage location

In addition to data migration in SmartChange, the approach also supports the transfer of selected change document information from ChaRM to offline storage or a database. This flexibility allows companies to maintain compliance with data retention policies while efficiently managing their business processes.

Short project duration

The high degree of automation and the efficiency of the solution significantly reduce the overall duration of the project. Rapid implementation minimizes business disruption and enables companies to quickly realize the benefits of their new system.

Conclusion: Migrating Change Documents from ChaRM

To summarize, the migration from SolMan ChaRM to SmartChange using a tool-based approach is a highly efficient, cost-effective and reliable solution. This mitigates the risks associated with the end of Solution Manager maintenance and enables improved SAP change management without interruption.

The focus is on automating the migration process. This not only saves costs and reduces errors, but also quickly leads to a high-quality migration result. This means that your relevant ChaRM change documents remain fully accessible.

Early evaluation and implementation of alternative solutions such as SmartChange is therefore crucial in order to maintain smooth operations and ensure compliance in change management.

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