In-process quality checks

Collisions and Overtakers

Through extensive automated checks, REALTECH SmartChange makes it possible to avoid typical risks for productive SAP systems. The collision check indicates when identical or overlapping objects are in separate SAP transport and if there is a risk of version overlaps.


If version overtakers with corresponding authorization are ignored, REALTECH SmartChange even detects impending overwriters in retrospect (downgrade protection).

Critical objects

SmartChange checks transports for predefined critical objects (e. g.: Application data, number ranges, structural changes to large tables, etc.).

Special aspects

In addition, transports can be checked for certain criteria (special aspects) in order to highlight them in the workflow and thus increase SAP system security. An easy-to-use template helps with quick and flexible customization.

Object dependencies

Logical object dependencies within the SAP landscape can be defined quickly and easily using dependency notes. When incorporating several SAP lines, cross-SAP line dependencies between transports can be taken into account. You can influence both the sequence of transports and the way they are grouped together.

Check for completeness

When checking transports for completeness (return code forecast), the system analyzes whether objects required in the context of a change exist within the transport or in the target system before an import into a target system is authorized.

The completeness check is possible on all levels (transport, change, release). It is fully integrated into the workflow and works comprehensively in transports and target systems.