SmartITSM – Your flexible ITSM tool

The cloud-based ITSM tool dot4 is an intuitive and quick-to-implement software that serves all your IT Service Management needs. Through consistent automation, it enables you to have high-quality processes – regardless of the size of your team.

Your intelligent ITSM Tool - SmartITSM

ITIL-compliant Processes in your ITSM Software

With our lean ITSM solution dot4, we enable efficient IT Service Management. Reliable processes form the basis for smooth IT operations.

Dashboard in SmartITSM

Incident Management

Easy ticketing, integrated CMDB, automated workflows: the easy-to-use Incident Management Tool for IT Supporters and End-Users. The service desk team gets a holistic ITSM solution, while end users create tickets from their familiar tools – no matter if it’s SAP or Microsoft Teams.

Problem Management

Identify the root cause of incidents and find the best way to eliminate them. Our Problem Management System helps you identify error-prone processes and avoid re-occurring incidents. This way, you prevent major problems and ensure a higher quality of service.

Change Management

REALTECH’s Change Management Tool offers all the features for successful change management: automation, change calendar, relations overview, configurations of roles and approvals. Schedule your changes, monitor their implementation, and automate routine work.

Configuration Management

With our Configuration Management Tool, you always have an overview of your configuration items. The software captures relevant configuration data, maps the relationships between CIs, and provides all the information you need to meet business requirements.

Asset Management

Do you have an overview of your IT inventory? With REALTECH’s Asset Management Software, you always have an up-to-date picture of your assets. Our system automatically captures required information and makes it available for your processes. This allows you to make data-driven decisions and optimize the usage.

Knowledge Management

Our Knowledge Management System is a perfect solution for both IT teams and other business units. Save your best practices on frequently occurring IT issues and make them available to all employees. End users can fix problems on their own and supporters draw on existing expertise.

Ticketing and Service Integration into MS Teams

Your Support and Service Catalog available in Microsoft Teams. Give your employees a simple alternative to the classic Service Desk.

Create and operate Services easily

What good are the best services if nobody uses them? That’s why our IT Service Management tool supports you not only in troubleshooting during operations, but also in providing service offerings to your employees and customers.

SmartITSM Services

Service Catalog Management

The Service Catalog forms the interface between service provider and user. REALTECH dot4 includes a ready-to-use Service Catalog in which common IT services are already preconfigured. In addition, services from other business departments can easily be included.

Service Shop

Service Monitoring

Service Monitoring is a unique concept of REALTECH SmartITSM. The aim of Service Monitoring is to make the quality of IT service delivery visible at all times. Thanks to the associated root cause analysis, faults and their cause can be identified immediately.

IT services are created in the Service Portfolio and Catalog Management module (SPCM) and can be based on other services. Their operation is usually also based on technical IT services, such as the functioning of databases or SAP systems. If such systems fail, the service cannot be provided. On the other hand, the operator of technical systems does not always know which IT services are based on his technology. In some cases, this can even lead to serious business process failures. REALTECH’s Service Monitoring is structured in such a way that services of any kind have a status. In the case of technical systems, this can be the availability; in the case of non-technical objects, such as contracts, it can be their expiration date. The change of such a status has an influence on service statuses above it, so that the quality of service provision is immediately visible in the status. In the event of a fault, the same cascade points to the source of the fault and helps to quickly restore the service quality.

Service Monitoring
Ticket overview in SmartITSM
Service Portfolio
Overview of offered services

The ITSM tool with SAP Integration

The optional SAP modules make it possible to integrate SAP operations into ITSM processes in a targeted manner. You can save yourself the detour via SAP Solution Manager.

IT service management software with SAP integration

Incident Management for SAP

With the Incident Management for SAP add-on module, you enable SAP end users to create tickets directly in SAP. Each ticket created in this way is automatically enriched with runtime information. Time-consuming queries or media disruptions are eliminated.

Change Management for SAP

The Change Management for SAP add-on module enables SAP change processes to be controlled directly in the ITSM tool. You can also benefit from automated workflows and integrated quality checks in SAP Transport Management.

Advantages of our IT Service Management Software


A service platform must work for providers AND users. We have both sides in mind.

Efficiency in focus

Maximum automation enables effective IT Service Management and using minimal resources.


You benefit from ITIL-compliant ITSM processes for smooth IT operations.


SAP is often left out of conventional ITSM. With us, it becomes an integral part.

Functioning IT services are absolutely critical to our success. With solutions from REALTECH, we create virtually complete transparency – through monitoring, reports and real-time dashboard.

Michael Brueggemann, AON Holding Deutschland GmbH