Knowledge Management System

Thousands of tickets, thousands of solutions – day after day. A lot of valuable knowledge accumulates in IT service and support that should not be lost. REALTECH’s knowledge management system helps you to document important knowledge, maintain it in a central location, and make expert knowledge available to other employees from different departments.

FAQs for IT Service Management

Our knowledge management system contributes to sustainable service management. Create articles on frequently occurring incidents as well as service requests and save your best practices.

This allows end users to solve problems independently and supporters to draw on existing experience. This significantly speeds up your incident management .

Enable self-service

Enable your employees to help themselves. They can use the self-service portal to search for relevant information and solutions to problems. This way, you can reduce service desk requests and take a lot of work off the IT supporters’ hands.

Roles and permissions

A smart roles and rights concept makes the knowledge management system ready for immediate use and allows detailed, individual access rights to processes and documents to be set.

Translate articles automatically

If your company operates in many countries, you should provide internal knowledge in multiple languages. However, you don’t have to translate every single post manually. Our knowledge base software handles this for you and translates your articles into any language.

In the following article you will learn more about our knowledge base with auto-translator.

Advantages of a Knowledge Management System

For IT Supporters

  • access best practices
  • resolve incidents faster
  • fewer tickets
  • reduced workload

For employees

  • solve issues independently
  • self-service
  • no need for tickets

For the company

  • reduced support costs
  • improved productivity and efficiency
  • increased employee satisfaction