Change Management Tool

With REALTECH’s holistic Change Management Tool, you keep control over your change processes. The software supports you in planning, controlling and optimizing the changes. Minimize risk by tracking the impact of your planned changes. The integrated impact analysis ensures seamless system operation without disrupting the availability of your productive services.

Settings of the relevant tasks and hardware

Automation without coding

Turn repetitive change requests and routine tasks into automated processes. Change processes can be linked to additional automated sub-processes at the start to ensure fast handling.

Change processes tailored to your needs

Tailor your change processes to your requirements with our intelligent Change Management Software: Configure your Change Advisory Board, customize approval processes and automate the role-specific sending of approvals.

Change settings in the change management software
graphical overview of planning conflicts in the change management tool

Change impacts at a glance with just one click

Switch to the relationship overview of our tool with one click. In the graphic overview, you can see the impact of your planned changes at a glance. Risk forecasting helps you to ensure high service availability all the time.

Coordinate changes in the Change Calendar

The easy-to-use calendar allows you to keep track of scheduled changes and plan new ones accordingly. Current approval statuses and workloads of responsible employees additionally support the change manager.

Planned changes in the change calendar

Change Management for SAP

Our software is SAP compatible. With the module Change Management for SAP, you control SAP changes directly in your ITSM tool. Reduce media disruptions and establish end-to-end change processes between SAP and ITSM.

REALTECH Change Management Tool

  • Automated Change Processes
  • Configuration of roles and approvals
  • Relations Overview
  • Overview of scheduling conflicts
  • SAP Integration