Asset Management Software

Keep your IT assets organized. With REALTECH’s Asset Management Software, you control your assets throughout their entire lifecycle – from procurement to disposal. Ensure transparency with regard to your IT elements in use and provide for efficient usage.

Manage IT assets flexibly

Our tool allows you to manage assets according to your individual requirements. You can define which information is to be captured at the particular components and thus obtain data that is relevant for your business processes.

Complex relations easily detected

The graphical relationship overview of our asset management system clearly displays all connections of your IT assets. When disruptions or change processes occur, you can immediately see which assets are affected and easily identify the impact.

Hardware and software usage under control

Keep an eye on your IT components. Reduce software expenses by keeping track of software licenses. Manage hardware inventory and avoid unnecessary purchases. With our asset management software you have the overview in one central place.

Audit and Inventory ready at the push of a button

Define which data should not be missing in your audit and inventory documentation. Our asset management system automatically captures required information and makes it available for your processes.

Thus, you are well prepared for testing processes such as the TISAX® audit or KRITIS certification.

Make conscious decisions with SmartCMDB

Our Configuration Management Database SmartCMDB forms the data basis for asset and configuration management. The database always provides you with up-to-date details of your IT components and thus supports you in managing IT operations.

Dependency overview of relevant data for ticket processing

REALTECH Asset Management Software

  • Central overview of all IT assets
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Documentation for audits and inventory
  • Graphical relations overview