IT Management and SAP Operations Simply United

Do you organize your SAP landscape in parallel to the rest of your IT management? You can save yourself the trouble. With the additional SAP modules from REALTECH SmartITSM, you directly integrate SAP operations into the ITSM processes.

The Direct Integration of SAP Into Your ITSM Processes Pays Off

In many companies, SAP operations and general IT service management are strictly separated from each other. This results in unnecessary parallel operation in which similar processes, such as incident or change management, have to be organized in both areas. With SmartITSM you combine both worlds in one tool.

Consistent end-to-end processes

Fewer errors and media breaks

Audit-compliant documentation

Change Management Integration

SAP Change Management Directly in Your ITSM Tool

Put an end to time-consuming coordination efforts, unnecessary media disruptions and tedious documentation. With the Change Management for SAP module, you can manage SAP transport processes directly in SmartITSM. This creates the basis for seamless collaboration between IT department and SAP Basis.

Ticketing Integration

Create Tickets Directly in SAP

With the Incident Management for SAP module, you optimize support for SAP end users. Automatically collected runtime information enables support staff to resolve incidents much faster, while the business departments benefit from simplified ticket creation directly in the SAP user interface.

Landscape Discovery for SAP

Clear View of Your SAP Systems

In addition to the infrastructure data of your SAP systems, you can also automatically collect all important software configuration parameters in a central location. With just one click, you can access essential information about your SAP systems, their instances, products and components.

Landscape Discovery for SAP - Set-up

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FAQs: SAP-ITSM integration

The Change Management module for SAP can be optionally added to the regular SaaS rate of REALTECH SmartITSM. An Enterprise contract is required to use the Change Management module for SAP.

The Incident Management module for SAP can be optionally added to the regular SaaS rate of REALTECH SmartITSM. A Professional or Enterprise contract is required to use the Incident Management module for SAP.

Landscape Discovery for SAP is a feature of REALTECH SmartCMDB. This is part of the REALTECH SmartITSM enterprise package.

REALTECH SmartCMDB is also available as a stand-alone solution. Learn more