SAP Transport Integration for Jira

Manage SAP Changes directly in Jira

Seamless integration of SAP Changes in Jira is that easy


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Do you use Jira in addition to your SAP landscape? In this case, it is possible that both systems are involved in the same processes and data must be synchronized with each other. However, this system alignment has a high potential for error and is time-consuming.

REALTECH’s Integration Framework solves these problems by automatically linking both tools – Jira and SAP – with each other. Benefit from seamless Jira-SAP integration, minimize errors and document your processes seamlessly – we are there to help you!

Jira SAP Interface: Combining what belongs together

The SAP Add-on for Jira supports you in automating SAP transport processes via SmartChange. Find out here what specific advantages REALTECH’s integration framework offers you.

By connecting SAP and Jira, all data is automatically transferred to both systems. This not only improves the coordination of change processes between the two tools. You also save time and resources by making arrangements – in person, via phone, chat or mail – more or less obsolete through the intelligent integration of the SAP and Jira areas.

In short, this avoids annoying media discontinuities in change management, information can be transmitted seamlessly and without errors, and all processes can be documented – completely automatically, if required.

Finally transparent processes

The close exchange of information between SAP and Jira also creates a large number of interesting data sets. On this basis, you create comprehensive and complete reports that present facts, such as data on error messages, in a visually appealing way. This makes it possible to track at any time and at any point who processes which changes and transports and when.

In addition, those processes must also be documented to meet certain compliance and governance requirements. Jira-SAP integration via REALTECH fulfills these requirements in every respect, and does so completely automatically if you want it to.

More efficiency through automation

All in all, the Jira integration into your existing SAP system ensures that data is automatically transferred from one system to the other. Even if you use different SAP systems, you can query all data via an easy-to-use interface, automate workflows if required, and thus save a lot of time and money.

Managed Services for SAP

You take care of your business – we take care of your SAP landscape.

Connecting SAP and Jira: Your benefits with REALTECH

REALTECH’s Jira-SAP integration is an out-of-the-box integration with pre-configured workflows that can be set up in just a few hours without a horde of consultants. The integration provides you with the full functionality of REALTECH SmartChange to control SAP transports directly and easily from Jira.

In addition, the connection between Jira and SAP enables end-to-end change management, closing information gaps between the systems. At the same time, you benefit from a high degree of automation and a central as well as attractive dashboard for monitoring and reporting, without any maintenance effort during operation. In addition, you benefit from the following advantages.

Seamless Integration

REALTECH SmartChange enables you to establish end-to-end SAP change management. SAP Transport Integration for Jira establishes a bidirectional interface between SAP and Jira. Control your SAP transports directly in Jira and benefit from seamless end-to-end processes.

In this way, you merge parallel worlds and obtain a central and secure ITSM. Since there is automatic reconciliation between Jira and SAP, you have seamless documentation of all processes from workflow and quality checks to the import schedule.

Easy to use

The add-on can be implemented quickly and is easy to use – both in Jira and in SAP. You will get the most important functions to control SAP transports easily from Jira.

Thanks to the clear user interface in Jira, fewer mistakes happen and you can speed up internal company processes.


End-to-end Automation

SAP Change and Deployment Management works automatically on both sides, in Jira and in SAP. With easily configurable and automated workflows, you reduce manual effort and avoid errors.

From the creation of an SAP transport request to the release and import into the target systems to the status confirmation – you can control all process steps synchronously.

Transport Integration for Jira
is available via Atlassian Marketplace.

End-to-end Processes

Put an end to silo thinking and integrate SAP operations directly into your ITSM processes.

Automate and Standardize

Eliminate manual steps and establish consistent processes for your change management.

Increase Transparency

Eliminate gaps in your processes and ensure complete documentation of all SAP changes.

Agile Collaboration

Streamline collaboration between IT and the SAP team through consistent processes and standards.

Jira and SAP: Benefit from REALTECH as a partner

With Jira-SAP integration via REALTECH, you can automate workflows and accelerate processes for SAP transport and change management in a very short time. Because we make integrating Jira into SAP a piece of cake. As an SAP and Atlassian partner, we are happy to provide you with advice and support – contact us!


FAQs: SAP Transport Integration for Jira

Using Jira-SAP integration, you establish bidirectional communication between your SAP landscape and your Jira tools. This allows you to link actions in the respective systems almost arbitrarily.

SAP and Jira (DataCenter, Cloud and Server) must be mutually accessible for communication. The connection is made via Data Webservices over HTTPS. On the SAP side, a dedicated SAP gateway can also be fully supported.

An overview of the prerequisites can be found in our online documentation:

You can connect any SAP system licensed for SmartChange to Jira. Technically, there is no limitation.

A Jira project is connected to a SmartChange TM controller. One SmartChange TM controller can be connected to multiple Jira projects.

The Jira project defines for which development systems transport requests can be created. All development systems configured in the TM Controller can be selected.

All transaction types are supported and can be linked to SAP transport requests. In the SmartChange area, the SAP transport requests as well as the transport requests of the subordinate activities are displayed.