ChaRM vs. SmartChange

One way to master SAP Change Management is to use ChaRM. However, there are other tools that may be more appropriate depending on the context and environment. In this article, we compare SAP ChaRM with SmartChange – the lean solution from REALTECH.

SAP Solution Manager End of Life

The upcoming end of maintenance for SAP Solution Manager is a challenge for many SAP customers. But instead of dealing with the hassle of implementing SAP Cloud ALM, use the the opportunity to look for a better alternative.

Tool comparison: SolMan ChaRM vs. SmartChange




SolMan ChaRM is a platform that supports Change and Release Management in SAP systems.

SmartChange is a streamlined solution that gives you flexible and easy Transport Automation.


Implementation is usually carried out as part of a rollout project, which may incur consulting costs. The implementation of SolMan usually takes more than 30 days.

The independent solution can be implemented without lengthy projects. You need less than 5 days for implementation. SAP consultants are not needed.

Personnel Costs

To use SAP Solution Manager, you need qualified experts and have to reckon with ongoing personnel costs.

The operation of SmartChange can be taken over by the existing SAP Basis team, so there are no additional costs.


The use of ChaRM is usually tied to SAP Enterprise Support.

As independent software, SmartChange can be used regardless of SAP support status.

3rd Party Integration

Due to the proprietary architecture, integration with a 3rd party tool is complicated.

SmartChange can be easily connected to various 3rd party software. Learn more about SmartChange Integration.



SAP Change Management with SolMan ChaRM

For Change Management in SAP, in addition to the standard solution SolMan ChaRM, there are many third-party tools that offer additional functionality and flexibility. Despite the wide range of choices, SolMan ChaRM remains the most widely used solution because it is already integrated into the SAP landscape and offers solid basic functionality.

With SAP ChaRM, you can systematically manage changes and follow the change process from request to implementation and monitoring. The tool offers several advantages. Firstly, integration with the SAP environment is seamless, making it easier to manage SAP changes. On the other hand, ChaRM creates extensive documentation, which is usually important for audit purposes.

However, there are also disadvantages to using SAP ChaRM:

Complexity: Implementing ChaRM can be a complex task and often requires specialized knowledge. You also need trained personnel to operate the comprehensive tool.

Cost: Using ChaRM may involve additional expenses, such as training and consultant costs.

Flexibility: Although ChaRM can facilitate Change Management, it brings with it limitations in terms of flexibility. As a standard solution, ChaRM is difficult to customize to individual requirements.

Compatibility: It is important that ChaRM is compatible with existing solutions to ensure enterprise-wide processes. However, integration with other tools is usually complicated.

Overall, using Solution Manager requires expertise and many resources to use the tool efficiently and benefit from its features.

SAP Change Management with SmartChange

Would you like to automate your SAP Change Management, but ChaRM is not an option for you? REALTECH has a lean, simple alternative for you.

SmartChange supports you in importing SAP transport requests easily, quickly and without risk from the development system to the target systems. The tool is a convenient solution for teams that do not want to hire additional specialized personnel for Transportation Management.

The REALTECH solution offers you the following advantages:

  • high degree of Automation
  • integrated Quality Checks
  • extensive Monitoring and Reporting functionalities
  • fast Implementation and easy Configuration
  • various Integration Options

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