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Would you like to minimize the time it takes to obtain information and at the same time increase the process and service quality? Then REALTECH’s CMDB software is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Create the data foundation to automate your IT processes today and take your business to the next level.

Benefits of our CMDB solution

A powerful CMDB such as SmartCMDB offers companies significant benefits in terms of successful digitization and automation of central service processes. The CMDB collects relevant information in a central location and thus forms a single source of truth. This provides a comprehensive overview of the entire IT infrastructure.

Thanks to integrated auto-discovery, you benefit from automatic, precise detection of your IT environment without any manual effort. Continuous monitoring also allows you to keep an eye on your IT components at all times and react quickly to changes.

Auto-Discovery & Monitoring

Fast implementation

Single Point of Truth

SaaS, on-premises, private cloud

Audit-proof documentation

IT assets captured automatically


With auto-discovery, your SmartCMDB is filled fully automatically, quickly and easily. The integrated monitoring continuously records status information and changes. All infrastructure objects (hardware and software), their properties and status are thus always up-to-date and centrally available.

SmartCMDB Auto-Discovery

Seamless data integration

Import Connectors

SmartCMDB has many different import connectors available. This allows you to use established source systems to quickly and easily extend the infrastructure database with additional information (people, contracts, processes, assets, roles and rights, etc.). This significantly reduces the time required to go live with the CMDB.

Keeping an eye on CIs


Thanks to the sophisticated baseline functionality, you can detect and correct deviations from the standard very quickly.

Configuration baselining is one of the most important concepts of a CMDB. Policies related to configuration items (CIs), their attributes, relations, attachments, etc. allow the definition of precise target states.

Landscape Discovery for SAP - Set-up


CMDB tool with SAP integration

With the Landscape Discovery for SAP, you gather all important parameters of your SAP landscape in one central system. After one-time installation of SmartCMDB, you can continuously read out the parameters of your SAP systems. You have all important information available in one place and always up to date. SmartCMDB can also be connected to SAP Solution Manager if this is used as an ITSM tool.

Single Point of Truth for your IT Operations

Monitoring enables continuous overview of your IT infrastructure in real time. Monitoring functions allow you to track the status and performance of your IT resources transparently. This gives you important insights into the performance of your systems and enables you to identify potential problems at an early stage. With user-defined alerting, you always stay informed about critical events, which leads to improved availability and reliability of your IT services.
Service Monitoring

Real-time data of the entire IT infrastructure

IT Asset Management

Our intelligent asset management software helps companies to manage their assets effectively, reduce costs and increase efficiency. You maintain an overview of your assets and optimize their use.

Configuration items in the asset management software

Maximize the use of your IT resources

Configuration Management

With our intelligent configuration management tool, you keep full control over configuration items and the relations between them. The software maps all relevant data on your IT components in one central place and creates a reliable single source of truth. This allows you to keep an eye on critical changes in your IT infrastructure and make the right decisions on time.

Overview of CIs in the Configuration Management Tool

Minimize downtime and compliance risks

Business Intelligence

The direct connection to common BI systems (e.g.: MS PowerBI or SAP Analytic Cloud) enables efficient reporting and simple analysis based on current data. Additionally, SmartCMDB offers a variety of pre-built reports, based on best practices, in its standard version as well as within the MS Power BI connection.

BI Reports

Efficient reporting and simple analysis

Cloud Asset Discovery

The Cloud Asset Discovery can easily extract data from the various components of your cloud provider (Azure, Google, AWS, etc.). The data is stored as CIs in the SmartCMDB according to a defined mapping structure.

Cloud assets

Seamlessly integrate cloud resources


The Mapping functionality ensures the unambiguous assignment of data and status information. This makes it possible to connect any source quickly and flexibly.

Mapping in the CMDB tool

Clear assignment of data and status information

ITSM Integration

The REALTECH CMDB allows easy integration with ITSM systems such as ServiceNow or Jira. This helps to understand service requests faster and leads to better planning and control of processes. In addition to the connection to ITSM systems, technical and commercial information from third-party systems can be merged in the Smart CMDB.

SAP incidents in SmartCMDB

Connection to SmartITSM, ServiceNow or Jira

Graphical relations overview

In REALTECH SmartCMDB, all objects are created as CIs (Configuration Items). This allows to relate all database objects (e.g. hardware, persons, tickets) with their relations to each other. This makes often hidden or complicated relationships visible at a glance.

The Dependency Walk Technique provides a detailed understanding of the relationships between configuration items. It allows to jump from one object to another, and thus to examine the relationships between them. By displaying only the required information, users can save time while gaining an accurate understanding of the dependencies between CIs.

Technical objects (e.g. from monitoring) can be displayed as part of an IT service as an image in the actual state. This makes it possible, for example, to immediately identify whether a technical incident has an impact on associated services and processes, and vice versa, why certain services are disrupted.

SmartCMDB relationship overview

Complex Interrelationships easily recognizable

Flexible Data Model

Flexible structure
The data organization of SmartCMDB is very flexible. All objects in the database represent CIs (Configuration Items). This highly flexible data model allows all CIs (e.g. hardware, persons, tickets, etc.) with their attributes and relations to be related to each other as desired.

Individually customizable
SmartCMDB can be individually adapted to your structures by freely defining the CI types and their attributes. Since the CMDB data basis is available in normalized form, it is particularly easy to build individual CMDB structures.

Clear structure trees & inheritance concepts
SmartCMDB also contains ready-made structure trees for standard contexts (e.g. hardware, software, etc.). These are “ready-to-use”, can be modified or even discarded. Intelligent inheritance concepts, an extensive authorization system and consistent lifecycle models greatly simplify the construction and operation of the SmartCMDB.

Configuration item in the CMDB from REALTECH

Digitally mapping IT and non-IT assets

Normalization of Infrastructure Data

The CMDB normalizes or standardizes all infrastructure data that is scanned and captured by Auto-Discovery. Thus, data and information of a heterogeneous IT infrastructure data can be compared and evaluated immediately.

Standardize data from different sources

No-Code Design

The CMDB tool has an integrated workflow engine for automating processes and standardizing tasks via drag-and-drop.

Workflow engine in SmartCMDB

Automated processes without programming effort

Always audit-ready

Many industries face strict compliance requirements that require precise documentation of the IT infrastructure. A CMDB helps to meet these requirements by providing a detailed record of all IT resources and their configurations.

Audit and compliance report

Audit-relevant data at the touch of a button

CMDB software: Use SmartCMDB and increase efficiency

By building up a CMDB, companies get a valid database with high-quality information, which not only minimizes the time needed to obtain information, but also forms the basis for increasing process and service quality.

Thus, the goal of a CMDB is to provide companies with exactly the information needed to make better business decisions and to quickly deploy and efficiently execute service processes – so choose REALTECH’s SmartCMDB!

In practice: Use cases of our CMDB solution


Many industries are affected by the new, strict NIS2 requirements. SmartCMDB supports you in implementing the NIS2 directive by enabling a precise inventory of your IT/OT infrastructure.

KRITIS Certification

SmartCMDB offers comprehensive monitoring for the IT infrastructure as well as all processes and services of KRITIS operators. It thus makes a significant contribution to the operational security of critical infrastructures.

TISAX® Audit

SmartCMDB enables the auditor-friendly provision of many TISAX®-relevant data (especially infrastructure, organizational and contract data) at the touch of a button. This means that you can provide information at any time.

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FAQs: CMDB Software

A CMDB is a data pool that stores all information about the configuration of elements within an organization. What exactly is to flow into the CMDB database is determined in the rain by IT and business departments.

The following elements or their data can be stored in a CMDB:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Systems
  • Facilities/Locations/Branches
  • Employees
  • Contracts
  • and many more.

Once fed into the Configuration Management Database, configuration data is correlated and interdependent.

A CMDB contains a set of data or elements. These elements are called Configuration Items (CIs). As defined in ITIL 4, CIs are “all components that need to be managed in order to provide an IT service”.

The purpose of a CMDB is to identify, create, provision, monitor, and provide intelligence on assets, CIs, and services for business management and to improve service quality for all users. This saves time and resources in managing a wide range of service processes and workflows across the enterprise.