SmartCMDB: Your clever CMDB Software

Would you like to minimize the time it takes to obtain information and at the same time increase the process and service quality in your company? Then REALTECH’s CMDB software is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Create the data foundation to automate your IT processes today and take your business to the next level.


SmartCMDB: Benefits of our CMDB solution

A powerful CMDB such as SmartCMDB offers companies significant benefits in terms of successful digitization and automation of central service processes. The CMDB collects relevant information in a central location and thus forms a single source of truth. This saves time by avoiding idle time. This is just one of the benefits of an intelligent CMDB solution. The other benefits of REALTECH’s SmartCMDB:

  • Normalization of all infrastructure data for better data quality, comparability, analysis and readability
  • Unambiguous mapping of all captured IT assets
  • Stringent to ITIL
  • Automatic filling of the CMDB by Auto-Discovery incl. monitoring function
  • Highly flexible data model, in which arbitrary assignments are most simply possible
  • Revision-proof documentation of changes to CIs
  • Strong security, roles, and rights concept
  • Efficient, clear graphical representation (UI) of all relations and dependencies at the individual CIs

We also offer SmartCMDB as part of a SaaS, but it is also possible to install it on-prem or in the private cloud.

Features and Functions of the REALTECH CMDB solution

For the fast and successful deployment of a CMDB as part of the digitization of important service and infrastructure processes or as a central data hub, some “features” or functions are of particular importance.

Fast implementation with Auto-Discovery

Auto-discovery makes your SmartCMDB fully automated, fast and easy to populate. The integrated monitoring continuously records status information and changes. All infrastructure objects (hardware and software), their properties and status are thus always up-to-date and centrally available.

SmartCMDB Auto-Discovery


With the sophisticated baseline functionality, you can detect and correct deviations from the standard very quickly.

Configuration baselining is one of the most important concepts of a CMDB. Policies related to configuration items (CIs), their attributes, relations, attachments, etc. allow the definition of precise target states.

Import Connectors

SmartCMDB has many different import connectors available. This allows you to use established source systems to quickly and easily extend the infrastructure database with additional information (people, contracts, processes, assets, roles and rights, etc.). This significantly reduces the time required to go live with the CMDB.

For this, REALTECH offers a “GoLive concept” within 24 hours. This reduces project runtimes and enables high and continuous data quality.

Cloud Asset Discovery

The Cloud Asset Discovery can easily extract data from the various components of your cloud provider (Azure, Google, AWS, etc.). The data is stored as CIs in the SmartCMDB according to a defined mapping structure.

Business Intelligence

The direct connection to common BI systems (e.g.: MS PowerBI or SAP Analytic Cloud) enables efficient reporting and simple analysis based on current data. Additionally, SmartCMDB offers a variety of pre-built reports, based on best practices, in its standard version as well as within the MS Power BI connection.

No-Code Design

The CMDB tool has an integrated workflow engine for automating processes and standardizing tasks via drag-and-drop.

Connection to ITSM Systems

The REALTECH CMDB allows easy integration with ITSM systems such as ServiceNow or Jira. This helps to understand service requests faster and leads to better planning and control of processes.

In addition to the connection to ITSM systems, technical and commercial information from third-party systems can be merged in the Smart CMDB.

ITIL Compliance

In addition, REALTECH’s CMDB solution is stringently designed in accordance with ITIL and has a highly flexible data model. In this way, ITIL specifications can be implemented securely and efficiently.

The CMDB Tool with SAP Integration

With the Landscape Discovery for SAP, you gather all important parameters of your SAP landscape in one central system. After one-time installation of SmartCMDB, you can continuously read out the parameters of your SAP systems. You have all important information available in one place and always up to date.

The SmartCMDB also serves as a CMDB with connection to SAP Solution Manager, if that is used as an ITSM tool.

The Benefits of Integration are:

  • Transparent representation of the IT infrastructure to complement the SAP systems
  • Impact analysis and change processes to support incident processes
  • Cost-effective and transparent integrations of SAP and non-SAP landscapes

Unique Discovery for SAP

Benefit from automatic discovery of SAP-specific data. All structures of the SAP landscape are completely captured, transferred to the CMDB solution and maintained there.

Solution Manager compatible

Thanks to the simple integration of the CMDB software into SAP Solution Manager, the SAP supporter has all infrastructure information at fingertips – even that which is not maintained in SolMan by default.

SAP Silver Partner

Good reasons for SmartCMDB from REALTECH

With REALTECH’s CMDB, we are taking our IT Service Management to a new level.

Thomas Fesenmeier, Edeka Südwest

It is quite a lot of time we save, because we do not have to search manually over many systems all the time.

Maciek Dorobek, PKN ORLEN

Recognized as Market Leader

Our CMDB software was recognized as a Market Leader for Hybrid Cloud Discovery and Mapping Solutions in the Vendor Selection Matrix™ 2022 by Research in Action.

CMDB software: Use SmartCMDB and increase efficiency

By building up a CMDB, companies get a valid database with high-quality information, which not only minimizes the time needed to obtain information, but also forms the basis for increasing process and service quality.

Thus, the goal of a CMDB is to provide companies with exactly the information needed to make better business decisions and to quickly deploy and efficiently execute service processes – so choose REALTECH’s SmartCMDB!

FAQs: CMDB Software

A CMDB is a data pool that stores all information about the configuration of elements within an organization. What exactly is to flow into the CMDB database is determined in the rain by IT and business departments.

The following elements or their data can be stored in a CMDB:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Systems
  • Facilities/Locations/Branches
  • Employees
  • Contracts
  • and many more.

Once fed into the Configuration Management Database, configuration data is correlated and interdependent.

A CMDB contains a set of data or elements. These elements are called Configuration Items (CIs). As defined in ITIL 4, CIs are “all components that need to be managed in order to provide an IT service”.

The purpose of a CMDB is to identify, create, provision, monitor, and provide intelligence on assets, CIs, and services for business management and to improve service quality for all users. This saves time and resources in managing a wide range of service processes and workflows across the enterprise.