Turn Technology Into a First-Class Service Experience

With SmartITSM, IT service management becomes the driving force behind operational efficiency and innovation. Experience how intelligent service management enables the seamless integration of your IT services into your business strategy creating long-term business value.

Service Desk

Design a Seamless Service Experience

The IT Service Desk is the central point of contact for employees to submit requests to the IT department and access company services, be it ordering work equipment or solving IT problems. In the SmartITSM service desk, ticketing and service catalog work hand in hand.

Service Shop

Service Catalog

Put Your Services in the Spotlight

The Service Catalog is the primary touch point between service provider and user. SmartITSM includes a ready-to-use service catalog in which typical IT services are already preconfigured. In addition, services from other departments can be easily integrated.

Service Experience, without a Service Desk?!

No problem. Integrate ticketing and service catalog directly into Microsoft Teams.

Service Portfolio Management

Turn Your Services Into Success Stories

Intelligent Service Portfolio Management enables you to make optimum use of resources and increase user satisfaction by seamlessly integrating your IT services into your overall strategy. Through targeted selection, classification and prioritization of services, you ensure that each service offers clear benefits for your company.

Service Portfolio

Service Monitoring

Keep Your Services in Focus

Service monitoring is a unique concept within SmartITSM. The aim of Service Monitoring is to make the performance of IT service delivery visible at all times. Thanks to the integrated root cause analysis, disruptions and their causes are immediately identified.

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