AI-based Help Desk

Our help desk with AI integration is your personal assistant that thinks for you and helps you achieve maximum efficiency. Discover a new level of IT Service Management – now with AI!

AI-powered ITSM: The Next Level in your IT Support

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we work in various areas, and IT service management is no exception. Wherever processes can be automated, AI proves to be the ideal support.

REALTECH’s AI-powered help desk software paves the way for more responsive and future-oriented IT support by making processes more efficient and powerful than ever before. This allows you to fully benefit from the AI-supported automation of your service management tasks.

Smart automation

Maximum productivity

Faster solution times

Reduced costs

Ticket Categorization and Routing

More Time for the Important Tasks

Relieve your support team of tedious routine tasks. AI automatically analyzes new tickets and assigns them to the appropriate categories and the right supporters. This allows support staff to focus on more challenging tasks instead of wasting time on manual ticket routing.

Ticket Categorization and Routing
Effortless Ticketing

Effortless Ticket Creation

Auto-Completed Form Fields

The use of artificial intelligence also makes it possible to optimize ticket creation. AI analyzes the submitted ticket description and extracts relevant data, which is then automatically added into the right fields in the ticket form. End users no longer have to fill in every field manually.

Ready to use with Microsoft Teams

Simply ask AI and solve problems on your own without having to wait for a response from support. Now available in Microsoft Teams.

Ticket Management

Intelligent Solution Ideas for Supporters

Service Desk employees receive suitable solution recommendations that they can use directly. AI formulates answers to problems that can ideally be used directly as a solution for users. This simplifies the processing of even complex inquiries and speeds up the solution process.

Intelligente Lösungsvorschläge

Internal Data Sources

The Power of AI Models combined with Internal Data

coming soon

The integration of AI models of your choice with local data sources makes it possible to fully exploit the added value of AI. By connecting internal data sources such as SharePoint and databases (e.g. CMDB) with AI, users can ask specific business-relevant questions.

On top of this, AI is able to access and analyze ticket history and extract relevant information. This enables more precise answers and better suggestions. Direct access to this information significantly improves the quality of the answers.

Help Desk with AI: More Efficiency for Your IT Support

Agent assistance

AI deals with repetitive routine tasks, relieves support staff and provides them with targeted solution suggestions.

Optimal service experience

Quick and helpful answers often come before human support is required, which exceeds expectations.

Top service quality

Harness the power of AI to automate processes, solve problems more efficiently and achieve a better service outcome for everyone involved.


The Best User Experience for Beginners and Experts


Even users with no prior knowledge of SmartITSM can use Copilot to configure or carry out complex processes quickly and easily. The Copilot allows users to formulate their instructions in natural language and executes the commands automatically.

FAQs: Help Desk with AI Integration

Repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be automated, which increases efficiency and reduces the workload of human employees. In addition, AI can help to improve user satisfaction by providing personalized support. Overall, the integration of AI can help the help desk to operate more cost-efficiently and improve service quality at the same time.

Artificial intelligence can be used to automate a wide range of help desk tasks. This includes, for example, classifying and prioritizing support tickets or identifying patterns in requests. AI can also be used to optimize processes such as routing tickets to the right teams. By automating these tasks, the help desk can work more efficiently and human employees can concentrate on more complex requests.

AI Integration

Our help desk with AI integration is your personal assistant that thinks for you and helps you achieve maximum efficiency.

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