Configuration Management Tool

With our intelligent Configuration Management Tool, you have full control over your configuration items and their relations to each other. The software maps all relevant data on your IT components in one central place and creates a reliable single point of truth. This allows you to keep an eye on critical changes in your IT infrastructure and make the right decisions on time.

Smart Configuration Management Tool with SmartCMDB

The basis of our solution is the SmartCMDB. It stores all your IT and infrastructure data in one central point. The flexible database allows you to always have an up-to-date inventory of the relevant configuration data.

Identify configuration items automatically

Gather data about your IT components from various sources, such as Microsoft SCCM, and automatically link them in the central CMDB. This ensures maximum transparency and data quality in your IT infrastructure.

Clear overview of CI relations

Often, there are a lot of dependencies between configuration items, which are difficult to capture. With our configuration management software, you can clearly visualize the dependency of your CIs in a graphical overview and identify correlations.

Clear structures due to the data model

Our solution provides a pre-configured and easily extensible CMDB data model. The model structures your configuration items into CI categories, types and attributes. With the data model, you benefit from maximum flexibility with low maintenance effort.

REALTECH Configuration Management

  • Always up-to-date data
  • Single Point of Truth
  • Automated data gathering
  • Graphical relations overview
  • Preconfigured data model