Configuration Management Software

With our intelligent Configuration Management Tool, you retain complete control over configuration items and their relationships to each other. The software maps all relevant data on your IT components in one central place and creates a reliable single source of truth. This allows you to keep an eye on critical developments in your IT infrastructure and make informed decisions in good time to move your company forward.

Configuration Management Software: the Benefits with REALTECH

Within REALTECH’s product range, you will find intelligent solutions such as our proven Configuration Management Software as part of the ITSM tool SmartITSM.

With sophisticated Configuration Management, you automate the process of identifying, documenting, and tracking changes to hardware, software, and devices (CIs), as well as service-related assets in an IT environment. As a result, your IT processes run more efficiently, more cost-effectively and are less prone to errors.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Always up-to-date infrastructure and service data
  • Single source of truth
  • Automated data collection
  • Graphical relations overview
  • Preconfigured and flexible data model

Start successfully with best practices

Our Configuration Management Software is based on proven best practices that have been successfully implemented in numerous customer scenarios. Our preconfigured use cases cover common requirements and allow you to get started quickly. With SmartCMDB, you can benefit directly from the advantages of Configuration Management Software, and integration into other ITSM processes is child’s play. Learn more about the features of REALTECH’s Configuration Management Software below.

Configuration Management Software: Features

Smart Configuration Management with the SmartCMDB

The basis of our solution is the SmartCMDB. It stores all your IT and infrastructure data in one central point. The flexible database allows you to keep an up-to-date inventory of the relevant configuration data.

Identify configuration items automatically

Discover data about your IT components from various sources, such as Microsoft SCCM, LDAP, AD and more. The CMDB captures the linkage of different elements and allows attributes and parameters to be preconfigured and changed as needed. This ensures maximum transparency and data quality in your company.

Clear overview of CI relations

Often there are many relationships between configuration items that are difficult to capture. With our Configuration Management Software, you can clearly display the dependency of your CIs in a graphical overview and identify correlations.

Clear Structures thanks to CMDB data model

Our solution provides a pre-configured and easily extensible CMDB data model. The model structures your configuration items into CI categories, types and attributes. With the data model, you benefit from maximum flexibility with low maintenance effort.

Extensive connection to other ITSM tools

However, our SmartITSM Solution not only offers an efficient Configuration Management Tool, as a user you also benefit from the following software applications around SmartITSM:

Request a free demo of REALTECH’s Configuration Management Software

With our Configuration Management Tool, you always have an overview of your Configuration Items (CIs), their status and relations to other assets. That’s because the software captures relevant configuration data, maps the relationships between CIs, and provides all the information you need for a functioning IT infrastructure. Request our free demo today and see our smart ITSM solutions for yourself.

Michael Jessing

Director Business Development

What are Configuration Management Tools used for?

Configuration Management enables a single source of truth (SSoT). This gives you a central database in which all relevant information about your IT assets is stored, which forms the basis for the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure.

In times of constant threat to the company’s own IT and service infrastructure, the SSoT also represents an important prerequisite for minimizing security risks, meeting legal requirements and remaining continuously capable of providing information.

Design complex structures clearly

REALTECH’s Configuration Management Tool is aligned with ITIL and enables systematic recording and management of IT assets. This allows you to centrally record, manage and document all IT components and their dependencies. In addition, you get a complete overview of your IT infrastructure and can identify and eliminate potential risks at an early stage.

Improve IT performance and service quality

Configuration Management Software helps you improve the quality and availability of your IT services. This has various benefits:

  • Increasing the availability and reliability of IT services
  • Proactive monitoring and management of configuration changes
  • Early detection of problems and preventive troubleshooting
  • Efficient planning of changes and thus higher service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of costs and time by avoiding downtimes and disruptions

Reliable processes form the basis for smooth IT operations, which is why you should trust a strong partner like REALTECH when it comes to your IT infrastructure. You are welcome to book a free demo without obligation or send us a message.

FAQs: Configuration Management Software

Configuration Management Tools automate the process of identifying, documenting and tracking changes to hardware, software and devices in an IT environment. CM Tools map all connected systems, their relationships and dependencies, and the effects of changes on system components.

Das lässt sich pauschal nicht beantworten. Jedoch ist das Configuration Management Tool von REALTECH praxiserprobt und in eine intelligente und umfassende ITSM-Lösung eingebettet.

No. But Configuration Management is part of a DevOps cycle.