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Benefits of the ITSM solution from REALTECH

Our IT service management solution is the optimal choice for the IT operations of the future. Improve the service experience for both end users and service desk staff. Provide your IT team with a powerful tool to ensure outstanding service.

Discover the benefits of our ITSM tool and create an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure for your organization.


Efficiency in focus

AI-supported automation

MS Teams integration

All-in-one platform

Features included in our ITSM Software:

Our ITSM software offers a comprehensive range of functions aimed at optimizing your IT processes and ensuring smooth IT operations. From incident to change to configuration management, our ITSM solution covers all key ITSM processes and helps you to achieve your business goals efficiently.

Incident Management

Easy ticketing and efficient incident handling: Our Incident Management Tool enables easy ticketing and provides the service desk team with an efficient solution for handling incidents.

Microsoft Teams integration

Our Ticket System Integration for Microsoft Teams is a simple alternative to the classic Service Desk. End users no longer have to log into the service portal, but can report faults and book services directly in Microsoft Teams.

Ticketing-Integration in Microsoft Teams

Change Management

REALTECH’s Change Management Tool offers all the functions required for successful change management. The tool enables you to plan changes, control their execution and automate routine tasks.


Asset Management

Effective asset management enables accurate tracking and management of all IT resources. Our Asset Management Software optimizes the use of assets, minimizes costs and ensures that the IT infrastructure always meets current requirements.

IT Asset Management

Configuration Management

With our Configuration Management Tool, you always have an overview of your CIs. The software captures relevant configuration data, maps the relationships between CIs, and provides all the information you need to meet business requirements.

Configuration Management

powered by SmartCMD

Discover how our Configuration Management Database boosts your IT processes to a new level with constantly updated information.

Problem Management

Our Problem Management System helps you identify error-prone processes and avoid re-occurring incidents. This way, you prevent major problems and ensure a higher quality of service.

Problem Management

Knowledge Management

Save your best practices for frequently occurring IT incidents in the Knowledge Management System. This allows end users to solve problems independently, while support staff can process requests efficiently.

Knowledge Management

Service Management

Our Service Management enables efficient control of all services – from request to delivery. This ensures outstanding service quality and user satisfaction.

Servicekatalog in ITSM

AI Integration

Revolutionize your IT operations with AI-powered automation. From ticket categorization and complex settings to solution suggestions, the AI offers a wide range of functions to make your work easier.


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FAQs: IT Service Management Tools

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an approach to planning, delivering and managing IT services to ensure they meet business needs. It focuses on delivering IT as a service and accentuates the delivery of value to the business.

ITSM processes are standardized procedures and activities that help to manage and deliver IT services efficiently and effectively. The core processes include incident management, problem management, change management, configuration and asset management.

A good ITSM tool offers benefits such as:

  • efficient automation of IT processes
  • central collection and analysis of IT service data
  • better response times to IT incidents
  • Improvement of service quality through monitoring and reporting
  • Increasing user satisfaction through fast and consistent services

REALTECH focuses on usability, efficiency and smooth service delivery. With unique features such as service monitoring, SAP and MS Teams integration and a predefined service catalog, SmartITSM offers more than just standard ITSM functions.