Intelligent Incident Management Tool

REALTECH’s Incident Management Tool is a flexible ticket system that meets all the needs of end users and service desk staff. With REALTECH, your employees have easy access to the service desk. IT supporters easily resolve incidents and automate standard IT operations tasks.

Benefits of REALTECH’s Incident Management Software

Whether user or supporter – REALTECH’s Incident Management Tool is a superhero that supports both sides equally. It makes reporting and resolving incidents simple and effective.

End users get easy access to the service desk. Integrations with their work environment such as MS Teams or SAP allow them to easily create tickets.

But supporters are also well equipped with the tool. The CMDB connection gives them all the information they need to resolve the ticket. Automatic assignments and an integrated knowledge base speed up the resolution process, enabling supporters to respond more quickly and effectively.

Simple ticket creation

Integrated knowledge base

Automation and AI integration

Integration in MS Teams and SAP

Wide range of reporting functions

Features that make our incident management tool stand out

Now it is even easier to submit an incident – even without a service desk

End users are often familiar with different tools and want to reach support through the applications they know best. By integrating support functions with these tools, users can create tickets quickly and easily without switching to the service desk portal.

Overview of tickets and assignment in the Incident Management Tool

Automatically categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets

The Incident Management system automatically sorts incoming tickets. Integrated workflows prioritize support requests and assign them to the responsible supporters.

Measure and optimize service desk performance

There are various report options available for our Incident Management Software. By connecting to tools like Power BI, you can create your own reports and dashboards and keep an eye on your service desk’s performance.

Performance Reports
Articles in the knowledge base

Always one step ahead with the knowledge base

Save known problem resolutions in the knowledge base. This enables support teams and end users to find specific information. This speeds up resolution times and reduces support requests.

Next-level Incident Management with SmartCMDB

Link your Incident Management System to the SmartCMDB. Through the connection, various information, e.g. about the hardware used, is available directly in the Incident Management Tool.

Easy Integration into other ITSM processes

Our incident management tool not only offers fast and reliable identification and resolution of incidents, but also enables seamless integration into other ITSM processes.

Integration enables companies to optimize their Service Management and make it more efficient. This enables faster troubleshooting, reduction of downtimes and increase of customer satisfaction.

Michael Jessing

Director Business Development

What are Incident Management Tools typically used for?

Quickly restore normal operation

Incident Management Tools help companies to manage incidents in their IT infrastructure. Such software makes it possible to quickly record, categorize and process incidents. The tool helps to quickly identify the affected systems and components and understand the extent of the incident. With accurate diagnostics, supporters can respond effectively to faults, ensuring the availability of IT services and minimizing the impact on the business.

Optimize processes through automation and standardization

Incident Management Tools often offer a range of automation features to automate repetitive tasks and speed up the process. Features such as automatic assignment of tickets to specific supporters can help to increase the efficiency of the process.

Automation also gives you the opportunity to standardize your processes. Standardized processes make it possible to ensure adherence to policies and procedures, which in turn can help to meet compliance requirements.

Preventive measures through data analysis

An Incident Management Tool can also be used to analyze trends and patterns to identify potential incidents early and proactively address them. By analyzing incident data, you can identify patterns that indicate recurring problems. By identifying these issues, you can take proactive measures to prevent or minimize future incidents.

AI Integration

Our help desk with AI integration is your personal assistant that thinks for you and helps you achieve maximum efficiency.