Intelligent Incident Management Tool

REALTECH’s Incident Management Tool is a flexible ticket system that fulfills the needs of end users and service desk staff. With REALTECH, your employees have easy access to the service desk. IT supporters easily resolve faults and automate standard IT operations tasks.

Ticketing integration of the incident management tool

Create tickets easily – even without Service Desk

With the dot4 Incident Management Software, end users create tickets quickly and easily. Integration with MS Teams allows support requests to be sent directly in the chat – eliminating the need for additional logins.

Automatically categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets

The Incident Management System automatically sorts incoming tickets. Integrated workflows prioritize support requests and assign them to the responsible supporters.

Overview of tickets and assignment in the Incident Management Tool
Performance Reports

Measure and optimize service desk performance

There are various report options available for our Incident Management Software. By connecting to tools like Power BI, you can create your own reports and dashboards and keep an eye on your service desk’s performance.

Always one step ahead with Knowledge Base

Save known problem solutions in the Knowledge Base. This enables support teams and end users to find specific information. This speeds up resolution times and reduces support requests.

Articles in the knowledge base

Stay up to date with the SmartCMDB

Link your Incident Management System to SmartCMDB. Through the connection, various information, e.g. about the hardware used, is available directly in the Incident Management Tool.

Dependency overview of relevant data for ticket processing

Reporting incidents without logging into the Service Desk

Incident Management with MS Teams

With our Service Desk Integration for MS Teams, employees can open tickets directly in the chat.

Incident Management for SAP

SAP users create tickets directly in the SAP interface. There is no need to switch to the Service Desk.

REALTECH Incident Management Tool

  • Easy Ticket Creation
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Automated standard processes
  • Various reporting functions
  • CMDB Connection
  • Integration in Microsoft Teams
  • Perfect for SAP Users