SAP Solution Manager End of Maintenance

The upcoming end of maintenance for SAP Solution Manager is a reality that no SAP customer can ignore. But does the thought of now having to deal with the implementation of the new SAP Cloud ALM terrify you? On top of that, you also have to deal with the high operating costs for the old Solution Manager.

Instead of preparing for a lengthy implementation project with countless consultant days, use the occasion to look for a better alternative.

SAP Solution Manager – a look back

SAP Solution Manager worked well for us, but as it got older, its weaknesses became more and more noticeable. These include lengthy implementation, high maintenance, limited usability, and limited integration options.

The maintenance for SAP Solution Manager ends in 2027. You could, in a best-case scenario, extend maintenance to 2030, but only if you pay an additional Extended Maintenance fee.

SAP Cloud ALM is claimed to be an alternative solution. Although the solution has been available for some time now, it does not provide an appropriate replacement for SolMan, as it has a less comprehensive feature set. In particular, SAP teams that rely on change and request management (ChaRM) feel let down. Cloud ALM is currently most suitable for companies that exclusively use cloud solutions from SAP.

It’s time to say goodbye to SolMan and consider a new solution.

Why SmartChange is the ideal SolMan Alternative

Imagine an innovative solution that efficiently automates the deployment of SAP change requests (SAP Transport Requests). With SmartChange, you get a powerful add-on for SAP ERP and S/4 Hana systems that can be used both on-premise and in the cloud. Thanks to simple implementation and no additional administrative effort, SmartChange enables smooth and effective management of your SAP changes.

With SmartChange, you enjoy the benefits of seamless integration, simplicity and flexibility that the tool offers. It is faster and simpler than Solution Manager, but does not lose out in scalability, flexibility and stability in any way.

SmartChange is not just a simple alternative to Solution Manager, but a real improvement. With its Clean Core certification and outstanding suitability for use in hybrid environments, SmartChange offers a future-proof solution that provides guaranteed support even for SAP systems whose maintenance ends in 2027.

By fully automating transport management, SmartChange not only simplifies your workflows, but also integrates seamlessly into your existing ServiceNow or Jira environments. The open Webserivce API enables easy customization and integration, while continuous enhancements and updates provide high predictability and future-proofing, including the upcoming integration with SAP Cloud ALM. What else makes SmartChange the ideal choice?

Quick and easy implementation. Forget long and complex setup processes. With SmartChange, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

No additional administrative effort
With SmartChange, you can focus on your core business instead of wasting time on time-consuming maintenance tasks.

High level of integration and flexibility SmartChange integrates seamlessly into existing systems and processes and adapts to your individual needs.

Now that the end of SAP Solution Manager is approaching, it’s the perfect time to switch to SmartChange. With our support, the transition will be smooth and easy. Take a look at the comparison of ChaRM and SmartChange and discover the benefits of the change.


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