SAP Transport Integration for REALTECH

Control SAP Changes directly with SmartITSM from REALTECH

SAP integration with REALTECH: Seamless change processes

With REALTECH’s SAP add-on, you can easily automate your SAP transport processes using SmartChange. In this section, you will learn about the specific benefits of our integration framework.

Thanks to the smooth connection between SAP and REALTECH, information is exchanged between the two systems automatically. This not only leads to improved synchronization of the change processes between the two tools, but also enables considerable time and resource savings, as time-consuming coordination via various communication channels such as face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, chats or e-mails is largely eliminated.

In short, you avoid annoying media breaks in change management, can transfer information smoothly and without errors, and even have the option of documenting all processes automatically if required.

Increase in process transparency

Direct communication between SAP and REALTECH enables the exchange of crucial information from which valuable data records can be derived. This data forms the basis for comprehensive reports that, for example, present error messages in a clear manner. This makes it easy to track at any time and from any location who has processed which changes and transports and when.

In addition, documentation of these processes is essential to meet compliance and governance requirements. Thanks to SAP integration via REALTECH, these requirements can be met in full, optionally even automated.

Simply automate

Linking REALTECH to your existing SAP systems ensures effortless automation. It enables seamless transfer of data between systems, even if you use different SAP systems. This is done through a user-friendly interface that allows you to retrieve data and automate workflows as needed. In this way, significant time and cost savings can be achieved.

Managed Services for SAP

You take care of your business – we take care of your SAP landscape.

Uniting SAP and REALTECH: Benefits of the integration

The integration of REALTECH and SAP is a ready-to-use solution with predefined workflows that can be implemented within a few hours without extensive consulting. This integration provides all SmartChange functions to manage SAP transports conveniently and easily directly from REALTECH SmartITSM.

The connection between REALTECH and SAP also enables seamless change management and closes information gaps between the systems. You benefit from high automation and a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard for reporting and monitoring, without any maintenance on the fly. Below you will find more advantages of this integration.

Seamless change processes

With SmartChange, you design an end-to-end SAP Change Management. SAP Transport Integration for SmartITSM creates a bidirectional interface between SAP and SmartITSM. This allows you to directly control your SAP transports in SmartITSM and opens up the benefits of seamless process flows.

This integration harmonizes systems that exist in parallel, giving you centralized and secure IT service management. Automatic reconciliation between REALTECH and SAP ensures comprehensive documentation of all processes, from work processes to quality checks and import schedules.

User friendly handling

Implementation of the add-on is fast and operation is straightforward – both in SmartITSM and in SAP. The central functions for controlling SAP transports are effortlessly accessible directly from SmartITSM.

SmartITSM’s clear user interface minimizes application errors, speeding up internal business processes.

Holistic automation

Automation of change and deployment management is easily possible on both sides, in SmartITSM as well as in SAP. Easy configurability and automation of workflows significantly reduce manual effort and avoid errors.

You have the option of synchronizing all process steps, starting with the creation of an SAP transport request, through release, to import into the target systems and status feedback.

End-to-end Processes

Stop silo thinking and seamlessly integrate SAP operations into your ITSM processes.

Automate and standardize

Reduce manual workload and establish consistent change processes.

Increase Transparency

Close process gaps and ensure that all SAP changes are fully documented.

Agile Collaboration

Unified processes simplify collaboration between the IT department and the SAP team.

SmartITSM and SAP: REALTECH integration and automation

The integration of SAP into SmartITSM automates workflows and accelerates SAP transport and change management processes in record time. We make integration easy and, as your SAP partner, are always ready to provide you with active support. Do not hesitate to contact us!

FAQs: SAP Transport Integration for SmarITSM

Using SmartITSM-SAP integration, you can establish bidirectional communication between your SAP landscape and REALTECH SmartITSM. This allows you to link actions in the respective systems almost arbitrarily.

SAP and SmartITSM must be mutually accessible for communication. The connection is made via Data Webservices over HTTPS. On the SAP side, a dedicated SAP gateway can also be fully supported.

You can connect any SAP system licensed for SmartChange to REALTECH SmartITSM. Technically, there is no limitation.

A SmarITSM project is connected to a SmartChange TM controller. One SmartChange TM controller can be connected to multiple SmartITSM projects.

SmartITSM defines for which development systems transport requests can be created. All development systems configured in the TM Controller can be selected.

All transaction types are supported and can be linked to SAP transport requests. In the SmartChange area, the SAP transport requests as well as the transport requests of the subordinate activities are displayed.