CMDB for SAP Solution Manager

By integrating our CMDB into SAP Solution Manager, you create an optimal database for your ITSM processes in SAP. You get instant access to all relevant infrastructure information – including information that is not normally provided in SAP.

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REALTECH CMDB and SAP Solution Manager

By integrating SmartCMDB into SAP Solution Manager, IT support staff can obtain all the information they need to analyze tickets at a glance. This is because a lot of additional information is often required to process tickets correctly, which SAP Solution Manager cannot map.

Information about the entire infrastructure (SAP and non-SAP) is integrated and made easily accessible to the IT supporter. Using detailed graphical relationship overviews, the supporter can view associated information at the touch of a button – deep diving made easy.

This can include information within the SAP landscape as well as systems beyond the SAP landscape. In addition to pure IT infrastructure (servers, PCs/notebooks, printers, virtualization, network devices, smartphones, tablets, etc.), this can also include components that are now the focus of IT support or enterprise support as part of digitization. In retail, for example, cash registers, scales, refrigeration equipment, and in industry actuators/sensors, robots or machines play a role here.

Reliable information base

Holistic information for incident management and other ITSM processes, e.g. for impact analyses. “How many employees use a server?”, “How many Surface devices are in use?” You will find an answer to these and many other questions immediately.

Accelerated processes

Any problems that occur are resolved as quickly as possible, business-critical processes are safeguarded, and end-user problems are solved faster and more accurately. Easy and valid integration, administration and analysis of configuration data from different data sources (e.g. via baselining).

More efficiency in IT support

The workload for support staff is significantly reduced (by up to 30% for 1st level calls). All required information is available via the SAP Solution Manager user interface. Graphical relationship overviews show related information.

Start up quickly, benefit right away

Short-term, fast implementation without burdening internal resources < 30 days). Significantly improved quality of IT service management with SAP Solution Manager in a short time.

CMDB für SAP Solution Manager

Optimize ITSM processes in SAP Solution Manager

The integration of a powerful and comprehensive CMDB in SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) solves the problem of missing information when processing tickets in IT support.

Furthermore, the CMDB allows SolMan to be used as a comprehensive ITSM tool for the entire IT: The integration provides the user with a transparent database that comprehensively maps both the non-SAP systems in the SAP landscape and the rest of IT. The transfer of information is ensured via an interface of the SmartCMDB to SolMan.