Landscape Discovery for SAP

Put an end to endless research: Collect important information about your SAP systems with just one click.

Auto-discovery of your entire SAP landscape

With the Landscape Discovery for SAP, you gather all important parameters of your SAP landscape in one central system. You receive essential information on SAP systems, instances, products and components with just one click. This will save yourself time-consuming research as part of an upcoming rollout or audit.

After one-time installation, you can continuously check the parameters of your SAP systems. You have all important information available in one place and always up to date.

  • Automation instead of tedious research
    Fully automatic provision of all important information at the push of a button
  • Comprehensive discovery for SAP
    Identification of SAP systems, instances, products and components
  • System information always up to date
    Continuous synchronization of the SAP landscape for up-to-date information on an ongoing basis
  • ITSM and BI integration
    Easy connection to popular ITSM tools for optimal data processing
  • 100% On-Premises
    All data and information remains completely on your local systems

Demo-Video: Just one click, that’s it!

In this video we show you how to set up the Landscape Discovery for SAP, run your first system assessment and process the discovered data properly.


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