Incident Management for SAP

Simplify SAP Ticket Creation, enable Rapid Support

Easy Incident Management for SAP

With our Incident Management for SAP module, you always provide optimal support in complex SAP landscapes. End users benefit from simplified ticket creation directly from the SAP user interface. Thanks to automatically captured runtime information and integrated checks for duplicates, supporters can process and resolve incidents much faster.

Incident Management for SAP is an add-on module for REALTECH dot4.

Benefit from REALTECH’s Incident Management Integration

Easy Ticketing

End users can open tickets directly from the SAP interface – there is no need to switch to the service desk.

Easy to use

Tickets are created with just a few clicks and automatically populated with screenshots as well as user and system details.

Fewer Callbacks

All relevant information is included in the ticket. The service desk employee can start working on the issue immediately.

Rapid Support

Thanks to the additional SAP details, incidents can be solved much faster. Long interruptions are a thing of the past.

How our Incident Management for SAP works

Integration in SAP

It is no longer necessary to switch to the service desk to report SAP incidents. The integration into the SAP user interface enables end users to create tickets with just a few clicks. A connected knowledge base allows users to find a solution on their own.

Automated Data Collection

With Incident Management for SAP, all relevant runtime information is automatically included in the ticket (SAP system, user and program details). The supporter receives them together with a screenshot, authorization report and job log.

Check for Duplicates

Incident Management for SAP detects any duplicate or similar support requests. SAP end users have the option of joining existing requests, which significantly reduces the number of redundant inquiries.

Solution Manager Connectivity

Link REALTECH dot4 directly to SAP Solution Manager. This will automatically notify your service desk staff of any Solution Manager alerts.


SAP end users have the option to attach a screenshot of the faulty application.
Thanks to the graphical relationship overview, you can easily detect all potentially affected components and processes.
With REALTECH, you automatically detect duplicate or similar support requests. This saves time and costs.
Supporters benefit from automatically attached SAP logs and reports.
Create tickets easily in SAP and automatically enrich them with screenshots as well as user and system details.
Service desk supporters receive all the information they need to start processing directly.