Simple interface tool,
instead of complex SAP solution

Comprehensive management of SAP interfaces must cover the entire lifecycle of your interfaces: Starting with simple design, efficient operation, all the way to reliable monitoring. However, there is often no central tool that meets all these requirements.

With PI (Process Integration) and PO (Process Orcestration), SAP offers two standard solutions for the integration of processes. These are however very wide-ranging and complex in their application. Which makes them impractical, especially for smaller SAP teams.

Many companies therefore adopt an individual approach. Here, interfaces are mainly programmed by the company itself. While this allows for a high degree of flexibility, it requires specific know-how. If this is not found within the company, external specialists must be brought in.

Interface Manager combines the simple handling of a standard software with the flexibility of an individual solution. The simple low-code tool lets you design complex SAP and non-SAP interfaces without writing a single line of code.

Tool Comparison: PI/PO vs. Interface Manager


Interface Manager


The introduction of PI/PO can take several weeks. This is usually done as part of an implementation project, which may involve consulting costs.

REALTECH’s Interface Manager is a flexible standard solution that can be implemented in just a few days. SAP consultants are not needed.

Skills and expertise

For the efficient use of PI/PO, specific know-how is required. Accordingly, teams must first be trained or specialists need to be hired.

The Interface Manager’s low-code approach means that the management of SAP interfaces can easily be covered by the existing SAP team.

Cost Structure

PI/PO often incurs high initial costs due to project efforts, trainings and consultants. In addition, there are ongoing costs such as salaries (see above) or support fees (see below).

REALTECH Interface Manager offers a convenient cost model and low support fees. Initial training is included in the price.


The use of PI/PO is usually dependent on SAP Enterprise Support.

As an independent standard software, the Interface Manager can be used regardless of the SAP support status.


SAP AIF (Application Interface Framework), another SAP add-on, is required for comprehensive monitoring of the interfaces.

Comprehensive monitoring and error handling are included as standard within Interface Manager.

3rd-Party Integration

Difficult integration of 3rd-party software, due to proprietary architecture.

Einfache Integration von 3rd-Party Software da sehr flexibel.


Interface Manager