CMDB Data Model

SmartCMDB is based on a highly flexible data model. This enables a realistic representation of the business environment. The CMDB Data Model can be adapted to the individual requirements of your company. Whether complex interrelationships or specific business processes – with SmartCMDB you have full control and always keep an overview.

What actually is a CMDB Data Model?

A CMDB data model defines the structure and relationships of the data elements in the CMDB. It describes what information needs to be captured, how it is organized, and the relationships between data elements. The CMDB data model is an essential element of effective Configuration Management and helps create a consistent, accurate and comprehensive view of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Advantages of the REALTECH CMDB Data Model

Flexibly built

The data organization of SmartCMDB is very flexible. All objects in the database represent CIs (Configuration Items). This highly flexible data model allows all CIs (e.g. hardware, persons, tickets, etc.) with their attributes and relations to be related to each other as desired.


The SmartCMDB is able to adapt individually to your structures by freely defining the CI types and their attributes. Since the CMDB data basis is available in normalized form, it is particularly easy to build individual CMDB structures.

Clear Structure Trees & Inheritance Concepts

In addition, SmartCMDB contains ready-made structure trees for standard contexts (e.g. hardware, software, etc.). These are “ready-to-use”, can be modified or even discarded. Intelligent inheritance concepts, an extensive authorization system and consistent lifecycle models greatly simplify the construction and operation of the SmartCMDB.

More Features