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Culture, people and technology efficiently combined

DevOps is the close integration of development, IT operations and quality assurance across departmental boundaries. Specifically, it describes a new, agile way of collaboration between specialist departments, development and IT with the common goal of generating continuous added value for their own customers. This is what you achieve with DevOps for SAP.

In order to make standard SAP processes fully future-proof in times of digitization, one aspect in particular is essential: the ability to drive new developments in an agile and fast way, to react promptly to requirements, and to implement changes as quickly as possible.

Enable organizational structures for DevOps

The majority of SAP customers operate multiple, separately operating development and operations teams. Developers write their ABAP or Java source code on the appropriate development system, and SAP Basis teams on the opposite side ensure that the system operation of the productive environment is as trouble-free as possible. Every in-house development that is moved into the productive system creates an operational risk for SAP Basis. Similarly, every request from SAP Basis is an unplanned delay for developers. Unfortunately, this is everyday life and is costly for the customer.

New business requirements are not being implemented in an acceptable timeframe and are piling up in the development pipeline. The resulting “mammoth releases” increase the risk of system failures. If the productive deployment of these major upgrades goes wrong, it results in critical production downtime.

IT departments are therefore faced with the challenge of adapting increasingly complex SAP landscapes to constantly changing requirements ever more quickly with limited resources. This is a split that only a fundamental change of method can make possible.

Individual responsibility and collaboration

At the core of the DevOps philosophy, on a social level, is the encouragement of talented and self-reliant IT employees and granting them more sovereignty in their specialist areas. The basis is a shared vision of the entire team, an overarching goal that is regularly discussed and constantly refined.

Meaningful decision making

Approval processes must not inhibit and decisions must be made professionally. Thus, in the context of DevOps for SAP, only really technically necessary approval steps should be retained in processes. All other approvals can be mapped through tools using intelligent, automated processes. In this sense, flat hierarchies also mean a return to subject-based decision-making.

Interdisciplinary Teams – DevOps for SAP and Non-SAP

Administrators, quality assurance, information security, and requesting business should collaborate early in the development process so that backward-looking, more burdensome reviews are avoided after the fact. In this way, agile approaches, such as DevOps for SAP, can reduce silos in the enterprise. They drive a new, open and goal-oriented corporate culture. The main focus when introducing an agile SAP operating organization is therefore on the people involved, and only then on tools and platforms. A DevOps implementation is intended to re-harmonize SAP and non-SAP parts of the company within this framework.

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment

DevOps for SAP means: intelligently changing proven procedures and methods and adapting them to today’s requirements. That’s exactly what we offer you the right tools for. Because with the innovative DevOps framework, you combine rapid delivery of software and secure system operation through extensive automation of technical processes.

With efficient and smart software solutions, we support you in realizing stable and agile SAP operations and establishing DevOps for SAP in your company. We provide you with intelligent solutions for the 3 phases of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment to automate manual tasks or to optimize processes on an ongoing basis.

DevOps for SAP? Not without the right tools!

REALTECH SmartChange’s Transport Management and Synchronization Management modules simplify the implementation of DevOps for SAP. Benefit from automation, integrated quality assurance and revision security!

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

As a Forerunner Member, we support DASA’s core principles with a commitment to drive open source DevOps certification and deliver value to you and your customers. You can find more info here.