Boost your success with DevOps for SAP

Get your SAP-landscape ready for the challenges of the future

Culture, people and technology efficiently combined

DevOps is the close integration of development, IT operations and quality assurance across departmental boundaries. Specifically, it describes a new, agile way of collaboration between specialist departments, development and IT with the common goal of generating continuous added value for their own customers.

Through interdepartmental cooperation and agile networking, you achieve a high degree of flexibility and agility. This requires not only the establishment of an appropriate corporate culture, but also the provision of suitable software-solutions and infrastructures that enable productive cooperation. Even in classic SAP landscapes, you can improve collaboration and move from hierarchical silos to agile, networked teams.


Establish new guiding principles in your company and use DevOps for SAP to create the best conditions for your classic SAP landscapes to master the challenges of digitization. We support you with smart tools and services that enable stable and secure SAP operation.

More space for agility and innovation

In order to make classic SAP processes fit for the future in times of digitization, one aspect in particular is essential: the ability to drive new developments quickly and agilely, to react promptly to requirements and to implement changes as quickly as possible.

This requires productive and agile teams working together and modern leadership and organisational principles. The necessary technical framework conditions form suitable tools and solutions with a high degree of automation. This provides your employees with optimal support in their work and gains valuable time, which they can use for new projects and innovations.

With DevOps for SAP you create a significantly higher added value in your enterprise IT and thus lay the foundation for a fast development process with which you always stay on the pulse of time and at eye level with current requirements. In no time at all, you can provide your users with updates, optimizations, and innovations without downtime or problems that hinder ongoing operations. Through high-quality in-house developments and automated release processes, you also ensure higher operational reliability of the existing system landscape – even in SAP on premises.

Quality optimization
greater efficiency
higher profitability
increased agility
High application stability
seamless collaboration

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

DevOps for SAP means intelligently changing best practices and methods and adapting them to today’s requirements. To achieve this we offer you the right tools: With the innovative DevOps framework, you combine fast delivery of software and secure system operation through extensive automation of technical processes.

With efficient and smart software solutions, we support you in implementing stable and agile SAP operations and establishing DevOps for SAP in your company. Around the 3 phases Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment, we offer you suitable intelligent solutions that help you to automate manual activities or continuously optimize processes.

Transport Management

Transport changes to the appropriate target systems without affecting availability.

Synchronization Management

Minimize your efforts when aligning development systems through maximum automation.


Interface Management

Your convenient tool for easy monitoring of the data flow between SAP and NON-SAP systems.

REALTECH is member of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

We support DASA’s mission in its core principles and the commitment to drive open source certification for DevOps and deliver value to you and your customers. Further information about DASA Forerunners can be found here.