SAP Change und Release Management

Faster and more flexible implementation of SAP changes and releases

SAP software is not considered to be very flexible when it comes to change and release management. Quick updates and change processes are difficult to implement per se.

We will show you how all parties involved can still benefit from faster and more flexible SAP changes and releases, even in complex SAP landscapes.

Challenges in SAP Change and Release Management

Change and release management within SAP systems can result in many challenges, including:

  1. Coordination: Change and release management requires close cooperation and communication between IT and SAP Basis.
  2. Complexity: SAP systems can have complex processes and dependencies that must be considered when changes are made to avoid negative impacts on business operations.
  3. Documentation: It is important to create and maintain detailed documentation for all changes and releases to keep track of the system configuration.
  4. Risk management: Changes and releases can increase the risk of errors and disruptions. It is important to identify and minimize risks to avoid downtime and costs.
  5. Manual processes: Many manual steps and media discontinuities slow down the change processes considerably and prove to be very error-prone. With the automation of such activities, processes are accelerated and quality is improved.

To be successful in SAP change and release management, it is important to implement an effective process architecture and maintain close cooperation with all involved departments.

Seamless processes between SAP and ITSM based on automation

Many companies use an ITSM tool such as ServiceNow or Jira for their SAP Change and Release Management in addition to SAP Solution Manager. However, this creates media discontinuities and process gaps. These must be avoided in order to achieve the required speed and flexibility with consistent, transparent and maximally automated processes.

Integration framework connects SAP and ITSM

This is possible via the certified SAP add-on REALTECH SmartChange. This easy-to-implement and easy-to-use out-of-the-box solution successfully integrates SAP operations into higher-level ITSM processes. An integration framework connects the SAP system and the ITSM tool used by means of a bidirectional interface.

Change and Release Automation: Your Benefits

Teams are unburdened and agile

Minimizing time-consuming manual activities by automating them across the board significantly reduces the workload of operations and development teams. Sources of human error are minimized. In addition, collaboration across departmental boundaries improves due to process transparency in all systems. Agile collaboration is now possible and breaks down silo thinking.

Significantly shortened “time to market

In addition, consistently transparent and automated processes result in a shortened time-to-market for the rollout of innovations. These can now be made available to users in an uncomplicated and much faster way.

Audit-compliant documentation

Last but not least, this solution ensures seamless and thus traceable, audit-proof documentation – in both the SAP and ITSM systems.

Our conclusion in figures: In total, this can mean up to 75 percent less work for you, 50 percent reduced costs, and 50 percent fewer queries from the auditors.

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