ServiceNow: A viable successor to SAP Solution Manager?

Simply Integrate SAP Ticketing and Change Management directly into ServiceNow



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Navigating the End-of-Life of SAP SolMan: Integration Strategies for Your ITSM Tools

Join us for an interactive webinar exploring the transition from SAP Solution Manager to ServiceNow. This webinar will be valuable for those looking to seamlessly integrate their SAP ticketing and change management processes into ServiceNow (and other platforms).

With the impending end-of-life of SAP Solution Manager and the potential loss of access to SAP ChaRM, this webinar promises to shed light on the available alternatives and necessary transitions.

Industry experts Tam√°s Holics (STA Technologies) and Alexander Frei (REALTECH) will be sharing their expertise on the following topics:

  • Integration of SAP ticketing processes into ServiceNow
  • Integration of SAP change management processes into ServiceNow
  • Practical guidelines on preparing your organization for the discontinuation of SAP Solution Manager and ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Interactive Q&A Session where you can ask our experts any questions you might have.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and strategies from leading experts in the field. Ensure your organization is well-prepared for the end-of-life of SAP Solution Manager and the transition to alternative solutions.

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