Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions

A hybrid IT infrastructure has at least one private cloud (e.g. on-premises) and one public cloud in use – it is not rare that companies have more. As a result, the complexity and heterogeneity of IT landscapes are increasing.

Successful orchestration of IT structures is thus becoming increasingly abstract, and efficient hybrid cloud management solutions are an essential component of contemporary, future-oriented IT service management.

The importance of Hybrid Cloud Management in the ITIL context

Hybrid Cloud Management enables companies to centrally control their hybrid cloud. Standardized IT organization models such as ITIL require up-to-date structural information, e.g., about assets, events, processes or security rules, in order to ensure efficient, process-controlled IT operations. This data is usually tied to various sources (Excel lists, specialist applications, distributed documents, etc.) and cannot be accessed in one place.

The Configuration Management Database is an important part of the ITIL service and infrastructure concept. It collects and centralizes this data so that it is available in a central location for all business-relevant processes.

What role does the CMDB play in the context of Hybrid Cloud Management?

Under certain conditions, a corresponding ITSM system with a central CMDB can support the necessary orchestration of the most diverse data and infrastructure areas. Functionalities and capabilities required or desirable for this purpose:

  • Continuous and automated collection of data from the various cloud structures as well as from local resources via specific connectors
  • Standardization (normalization) of the collected data
  • Structuring and maintenance of data in the CMDB
  • A central interface where connectors can be customized or easily configured for all cloud platforms.

Get more from your hybrid cloud

REALTECH’s Hybrid Cloud Management solution is based on the SmartCMDB Configuration Management Database. REALTECH SmartCMDB has various connectors and can thus access data from cloud as well as local structures. It normalizes and stores this data, allowing you to manage your hybrid cloud centrally and efficiently.

This is how it works

The SmartCMDB uses the proprietary interface solutions of the cloud providers. REST APIs addressed via SSL act as connectors with the cloud containers.

REALTECH develops and maintains the connectors, so there is no additional work for the user.

On a configuration interface, the user can define on the basis of prepared and structured data which information is to be transferred to the SmartCMDB and in which cycles.

Increase transparency

Single point of truth and audit readiness at the push of a button

Simplify processes

Consistently implement, monitor and optimize business and ITIL processes

Automate processes

Simplify data exchange and processes in hybrid landscapes

Improve services

Optimized service delivery and cross-cloud support

Reduce costs

Reliably identify potential for cost and resource optimization