Service Desk in MS Teams

Why the Teams integration is a game changer for supporters

“The integration allows me to focus on my core tasks. Users still contact us via chat, but their requests are now automatically registered in the ticket system.”

Lukas, IT-Supporter

“Thanks to the integration, we have all the information in one place, which makes handling support requests much more efficient. Basically, we have shifted the support to Teams.”

Emily, Support Specialist

“Customers appreciate the seamless experience when they receive support via Microsoft Teams. It feels familiar and increases trust in our services.”

Benjamin, IT Administrator

What features are available for supporters?

The integration of Teams offers considerable advantages not only to users, but also to support teams. Chat messages are automatically saved as tickets, which enables process-oriented work. Thanks to the seamless integration, supporters can handle tickets in MS Teams as well as in the conventional service desk.

Features for supporters:

Ticket handling in Teams

Channel for communication between supporters

Qualification Assistant

More than just communication: Maximum efficiency for the IT team

Precise problem definition

By guiding users through the Qualification Assistant, they can describe their problem in more detail. This provides supporters with clear information.

Faster solutions

Requests are automatically saved as tickets, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing processing time.

Synchronization with the ticket system

If the supporter works in the classic ticket system, the user still receives notifications in Teams.