The technical CMDB

5 reasons why the introduction is worthwhile

Learn everything you need to know about the benefits of a technical Configuration Management Database (CMDB). A CMDB is a powerful tool for managing your technical information, from hardware to network configurations.

Discover why implementing a technical CMDB is inestimable. Learn how to improve your IT Service Management processes, increase efficiency, make informed decisions, ensure compliance, and prepare for the future.

What is a technical CMDB?

A technical CMDB is a database that contains detailed information about the components of an IT infrastructure. Unlike a general CMDB, it focuses specifically on technical details such as hardware configurations, software versions, and network topologies. This enables effective IT management and facilitates the administration of IT systems.

A technical CMDB in parallel with the existing ITSM system

In today’s dynamic IT landscape, it is essential to have accurate and up-to-date information about the configuration of your IT infrastructure. While an ITSM system (such as ServiceNow or Atlassian Jira) with a general CMDB provides important business-related information, the technical details are often not captured in detail. This is where the technical CMDB comes into play.

Building a parallel technical CMDB has the following advantages:

1. Complete and accurate technical information

The technical CMDB captures and catalogs technical details, including hardware configurations, software versions, network topology and other relevant data. This gives you a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure and allows you to perform accurate analysis to diagnose problems and find efficient solutions.

2. Effective Configuration Management

By combining a technical CMDB with your ITSM system, you can achieve effective Configuration Management. The technical CMDB provides detailed information about the components of your IT infrastructure, enabling you to better manage changes, identify conflicts, and ensure the integrity of your systems.

3. Improved troubleshooting and downtime reduction

The parallel use of a technical CMDB enables you to identify and resolve IT problems more quickly. Accurate technical information enables you to identify bottlenecks, determine causes of failure, and take appropriate action to minimize downtime and improve service quality.

4. Efficient Change Management

A technical CMDB supports efficient Change Management by providing detailed information about the dependencies and effects of changes. You can avoid outages by carefully planning changes and analyzing potential risks in advance.

5. Extended security precautions

Mit einer technischen CMDB haben Sie die Möglichkeit, potenzielle Sicherheitslücken und Schwachstellen in Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur zu identifizieren und entsprechende Maßnahmen zu ergreifen.

A technical CMDB is versatile and offers numerous advantages. Companies can thus improve control over their IT infrastructure, work more efficiently and reduce potential risks. A technical CMDB makes it easier to keep track of the lifecycle of your technical assets. This facilitates audits, compliance evidence and adherence.

With a technical CMDB, you lay the foundation for effective IT Asset Management, seamless Change Management and optimized Incident Management. They create a solid basis for the implementation of future technologies and business requirements.


A technical CMDB is an indispensable tool for IT management. By capturing and managing technical details, it enables companies to effectively control and optimize their IT infrastructure.

Implementing a technical CMDB may seem challenging at first, but we assure you that the effort is worth it. We are happy to help you take this step and support you with any questions or challenges along the way.

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